One in every five people will have a hair fall problem. It is not only troublesome but also the cause of your psychological distress.

But to your relief, many reliable solutions can be selected to reverse hair loss. The primary problem lies in choosing the correct treatment that will suit your purpose.

There are various therapies available from which PRP Injections in Vaughan are considered one of the most effective procedures for restoring hair.

Steps involved in PRP Injections

Facing hair loss is emotionally very stressful. PRP treatment can be an answer to hair regrowth and prevention of additional hair loss.

The platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your blood and injected into the affected area of your scalp to stimulate the hair follicles for its growth.

This process might sound simple, but it involves two steps.

Step 1

Once you give your consent for this therapy, a session will be allotted for your treatment. A blood sample will be taken from the vein of your body through the syringe by the concerned doctor of the clinic.

Step 2

Finally, the collected blood will be placed in the centrifuge where based on the density of the blood components the elements will be separated into three parts. First is the platelet-poor plasma, the second is the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and the third is the red blood cells.

Only the PRP will be obtained, and the rest will be discarded. And the ultimate task is to inject this into the bald areas of your scalp so that new hair grows.

Efficacy of the treatment

The PRP hair therapy effectiveness depends on the recovery speed of your body. You ought to control yourself and refrain from excessive drinking and smoking to get the best result.

Finally, it can be concluded that this treatment is harmless and pocket friendly for you.