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How Digital Dentistry Will Shape the Future of Dentistry

Digital dentistry is quickly becoming the future of the dental industry. With new technology being developed every day, digital dentistry at Sean S Pierce DDS offers dentists and patients many

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STI Screening: 5 Reasons Why It’s Fundamental

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are rising in Kingwood, Texas. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 20 million new cases of

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When Should You Consider Cardiovascular Risk Assessment?

Are you at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD)? You are on a good streak, including limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and following a heart-healthy diet. But how

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How to Deal With Presbyopia

Although your optician might recommend taking carrots and other supplements to improve eyesight, most people develop eye problems after age 40. Presbyopia is a common eye issue at this age.

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The Benefits of Family Medicine

When navigating the healthcare system, do you worry about missed vaccination or emergency medications? Unfortunately, accessing timely treatment seems like an issue even in developed nations like the US. Luckily

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When Can You Eat Pasta After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you’ve had gastric sleeve surgery, you may be wondering when you can start eating pasta again. While every person’s recovery is different, there are some general guidelines you can

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7 Tips for Total Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

Total hip replacement is a significant operation with a prolonged recovery period. Nonetheless, this invasive procedure could significantly impact your life quality, rendering it simpler for you to exercise, spend

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The Causes and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

The thyroid gland is a small organ located at the front of your neck; it produces and controls thyroid hormones that influence most of the metabolic processes in your body.

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VLCD – Everything You Need To Know

Very low-calorie diets are usually defined as those that have energy consumption below 800kcal per day. This form of dieting initially existed as part of amalgamated medical interventions or way

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The Beginners Guide To How To Retail Arbitrage On Amazon

Retail Arbitrage is the buying and selling of products with the intent of making a profit. Retail Arbitrage on Amazon is a highly competitive field and there are many people