3 Ways The Singapore Pre Employment Medical Check Up Helped Me


In Singapore, a pre employment medical check up was the first thing I did before getting the position. The company told me it is necessary because it shows if the person is healthy and capable of doing the job they applied for and ensures that nothing will get affected. I was nervous because I knew that there were issues in my health that could get detected through examinations. Even if I was taking medicine for them, I had doubts that those might not be enough to keep myself healthy and safe. With this, I coordinated with medical professionals to ensure my health was good and not affecting the job.


When I first encountered the existence of the Singapore pre employment medical check up, I thought that the company only complied with the files and documents regulated by the higher-ups. But when I underwent the process, I realised that the health check benefited me too without realising early. It was not a waste of money, considering I have learned many things about my health. All my doubts vanished because of the following reasons:



 Because of the appointment with the doctor, I knew about my overall health condition. Even if I noticed them, I did not give them too much attention and just continued with my life. I lost weight because of the changes in my lifestyle and knew that my allergy triggers were not sensitive compared to their condition years ago.


My husband and I had a rough time having a child. We tried different treatments and procedures because we felt like a baby was the only thing missing in our marriage. We were out of options, but the doctor told me about in vitro fertilisation or the IVF procedure in Singapore. Because of that recommendation, our son is turning a year-old next month. We would never think of that if it were not for the doctor who checked me. Aside from helping me achieve my dream job, she also gave me a way for me to conceive a child.


Because of the health appointment, I also got the job. It was like a dream, but it made me the best version of myself. I became more confident with myself, especially about what I could do. I also improved my skills and knowledge because I love my job. It was such a blessing that visiting a doctor before being employed is required.

When I think about the complaints I made before the health check, I always laugh because I was thankful for it afterwards. It had many advantages for me, considering I faced health issues before. I got everything in my record updated without affecting my dream job. Now, I am getting ready for my promotion which could change my life in years. I will always be thankful to Sunway Medical Centre for the assistance they provided me. Because of them, I became informed about the cholesterol level in my blood test.

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