Due to their inquisitive nature and poor immune system, children frequently suffer from various illnesses. Unlike my wife and I, our children rarely comprehend the health risks they face when interacting with peers and strangers. Most ENT disorders result from the accumulation of viruses and bacteria in the ear and nasal passages. Even though they are not always fatal, untreated infections can cause lifelong complications. Consequently, I took my child to a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore. And these are the most frequent instances where you should do the same.

1. You Want to Detect Early Complications

Paediatric ENT physicians in Singapore often face challenges when treating children with severe ear, nose, and throat conditions. For this reason, I included this item on my list. Due to the importance of early prevention, this circumstance is crucial. I would be helping out my child. In addition, certain conditions, such as adenoid hypertrophy, can be detected early on by administering the appropriate patient tests. However, it is a leading cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which can be life-threatening and impact the child’s future medical care. A complex procedure in paediatric otolaryngology can eliminate such conditions while they are still treatable. In various cases, oral antibiotics and minor surgical procedures can treat these diseases in young children.

2. Chronic Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common reason I have my children routinely examined by a paediatric ENT in Singapore. My and your children are especially susceptible to ear infections because their Eustachian tubes are significantly shorter and more horizontal than those of adults. It means that inflammation caused by a cold or allergies causes my child’s eustachian tubes to become blocked, trapping fluid in the middle ear that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. For a minor infection, some physicians recommend a wait-and-see approach. Antibiotics may be present in my child’s medical prescription as well. My ENT specialist sometimes recommends ear tubes for chronic or recurrent ear infections.

3. Chronic Allergic Reactions

My children suffer allergic reactions when their immune system overreacts to an allergen, a normally harmless substance. It causes the release of the antibody Immunoglobulin E, which triggers the release of the chemical histamine from the cells. Histamine is what causes allergy symptoms. And though antihistamines and other OTC medications work for my kids’ allergies, my eldest child needs immunotherapy, a more permanent treatment for allergic rhinitis in Singapore. Immunotherapy is effective because it helps my child’s body develop a tolerance to allergens. I discussed options for managing my child’s allergies with an ENT, and you should do the same.

4. Your Child Has Snoring Problems

Everybody, including my wife and I, snores occasionally, but chronic snoring can indicate sleep apnea, a condition characterised by breathing pauses during sleep. Untreated sleep apnea is frequently associated with daytime fatigue, dry mouth, irritability, behavioural issues, and academic difficulties. You can treat sleep apnea with a dental appliance, a CPAP machine, or surgery. I consult a paediatric ENT in Singapore whenever my child snores loudly or frequently.If your child needs ear wax removal in Singapore, visit Dr Jenica Yong for trusted ENT healthcare.