Your knees are one of the strongest yet most stressed-out body parts. They are responsible for many leg movements and help you maintain balance and a good posture. Due to their functions, they absorb a lot of pressure whenever you walk, run, jump, go up and down the stairs, or perform other activities involving your legs. Their network of muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons receives up to four times the amount of stress for every pound in your total weight—which can cause medical concerns like knee pain in Singapore.

What Causes Knee Pain?

As its name suggests, knee pain is a health issue affecting your knee’s musculoskeletal system. It is a prevalent concern among the elderly, athletes, and pregnant women, but even an unsuspecting individual like you may face knee discomfort now and then.

Knee pain can affect Singapore residents like you after experiencing injuries like anterior cruciate ligament or ACL tears, kneecap fractures, patellar tendinitis (knee tendon) inflammation, kneecap dislocation, or meniscus (knee cartilage) tears. You may also have to see an orthopaedic for knee discomfort due to arthritis—which can affect you as you age.

Knee pain site and severity can vary depending on your health concern. It can also come with other symptoms like knee weakness, immobility, swelling, or redness. Experiencing this medical issue can be anxiety-inducing, but fret not since you now have numerous knee pain treatment options in Singapore. You do not even have to lie on the operating table to get your knee discomfort addressed.

4 Non-Surgical Ways To Treat Knee Pain

While surgery is one of the most effective knee pain treatment choices for Singapore patients like you, undergoing this medical procedure is not for everyone. Your doctor may not recommend this remedy due to your age, lifestyle, or underlying health conditions. You may also feel hesitant to get surgery due to its risks and invasiveness.

Fortunately, you can address your knee discomfort by getting any of these four non-surgical and minimally-invasive knee pain treatment options:

1. Lifestyle Changes

Believe it or not, your doctor can treat your knee pain in Singapore without undergoing a medical procedure. Your specialist can help you find relief by encouraging you to shed a few pounds and avoid rigorous activities to reduce the stress or pressure on your knees.

2. Medications And Supplements

Depending on your condition, your physician may prescribe pain relievers, antirheumatic drugs, or biological response modifiers to address your knee pain. They may also ask you to take supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin to help strengthen your knees.

3. Orthotic Devices

Wearing orthotic or prescription medical devices like knee braces or footwear may relieve knee pain. If your discomfort results from foot arch problems, your doctor may ask you to buy insoles for flat feet in Singapore.

4. Physical Therapy

Aside from encouraging you to invest in orthopedic shoes in Singapore, your specialist may ask you to get physical therapy to strengthen your knee and help it regain flexibility and mobility. You can take these knee exercise sessions at the hospital, but you can also invite your physical therapist to your house for an added fee.

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