New mums enter the postpartum stage the first week after giving birth. It might be the stage where the mother gets to see her baby for the first time, but it’s also the perfect time for her to take a rest. After giving birth, mums (unlike other animals) may need a long period of rest for healing.

With clinics that offer postpartum or postnatal care in Singapore, mothers can experience post-delivery checkups to receive proper care and maintenance for a speedy recovery. Here are a few basic tips for postpartum care for new mums.

1. Take healthy meals

Healing may not come within a week but increasing your food intake with healthy meals (such as vegetables, whole-grain food and fruits), promotes a quality breast milk supply and quicker recovery. They might be too conscious of their post partum belly, but a healthy diet should be on top priority. Every new mum should know the proper meal to have a balanced diet and strengthen their immune system.

2. Plan for an exercise afterwards

Once the mother’s body is well enough, she can now engage in non-strenuous physical activities or exercises provided with advice from a physician. Exercising after recovery may seem tough, but it’s a crucial part of health maintenance. If you have a divarication recti, your doctor might also provide you with a proper exercise program to treat the problem.

3. Seek support from loved one

Every mother who has recently given birth requires support and care from their family and friends. Their body requires healing, and they need all the help they can get for her and her baby’s well-being.

4. Speak with a doctor if postpartum depression lasts longer

Some mothers are concerned with diastasis recti exercise, and others are concerned with their mental well-being. A large number of new mums may undergo postpartum depression. Mothers can experience sudden mood swings and negative feelings after giving birth, and these symptoms may vary. If such symptoms last longer for more than two or three weeks, it’s better to see a doctor.

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