I had a significant fall in one of my last games, and it caused my ACL to tear. The slide took out my knee and caused damage to my joint and ligaments. My doctor said the only solution for my ACL injury is entering a Singapore hospital to receive surgery. 

Recovering after an ACL or meniscus tear surgery at a Singapore hospital was hard work. Here are four tips I compiled from my experience that helped me recover faster from the surgery.

#1 Ask People for Help

After the surgery for a labral tear or ACL injury, you will be out of commission. Nevertheless, many people feel ashamed and refuse to ask for help, even from family or friends, especially strangers. Trying to perform too much too soon will only prolong your recovery and cause unnecessary pain. You cannot do most things alone, especially since you need to take the weight off your foot or avoid lifting anything heavy with your shoulder. I had asked someone to stay for a few days after surgery to assist me in getting around, doing laundry and cleaning the house. 

#2 Observe Healthy Eating Habits

I discovered that a healthy diet is crucial for many reasons. However, it is especially imperative when the body is recovering from surgery. The body requires adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to heal. The body also needs fruits and vegetables to get other nutrients for faster recovery. The nutritionist gave me some recommendations after I had the ACL and meniscus tear surgery at the Singapore hospital. It includes lean meats, oats, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and dairy products. 

#3 Sleep When You Feel It

Expect to be tired more than usual after surgery, and pay attention to your body. Simple movements take a lot of effort, and they can make you want to sleep. After the surgery to repair my ACL injury at the Singapore hospital, every little movement made me tired. It takes so much energy to get up and go to the bathroom or get water from the kitchen. However, the body performs some of its best recovery and repair while you sleep. Hence, get some rest whenever the urge presents itself.

#4 Move Whenever You Can

The doctor will tell you to move as soon as it is safe. In my case, the doctor told me to gradually use my leg and perform basic movements three months after the surgery for ACL injury at the Singapore hospital. The physiotherapist also said that moving my leg, no matter how painful it gets, will prevent my muscles from becoming stiff. Otherwise, it can impede my range of motion and my recovery. You will want to follow your doctor’s orders regarding the amount and type of movement. Furthermore, physical therapy plays a significant role in recovery since it promotes healing and allows you to regain mobility more quickly. It helped me regain my range of motion.

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