You can try treating back pain with medications and surgery; however, such interventions might fail. Luckily you can try other traditional interventions such as spinal cord manipulation which uses stimulators that block pain signals in the spinal cord from reaching the brain. The spinal stimulators are battery-powered chips placed on the spine, delivering mild-electric currents to the spinal cord. Although they don’t eliminate the pain, it changes how the brain perceives the pain. Moreover, you can use an external remote to adjust the stimulation and switch the stimulator on and off. A spinal cord stimulation Eugene doctor will determine if you are eligible for the stimulators and implant them in your spine; these are the benefits of the spinal stimulators

The Treatment Is Adjustable and Reversible

You can adjust and reverse the effects of spinal stimulators, unlike surgery, which is a significant decision. Spinal surgery is invasive as it leaves permanent scars on your spine. Still, the stimulators are minimally invasive as the doctor cuts a few tissues on the back and implants the stimulator strategically on the spine. Moreover, you can reverse the effects of the back stimulator, and you can discontinue pain management; the doctor will remove the wires, electrical contacts, and the implant without any long-term effects.

You Can Test the Spinal Stimulators with a Trial Run

You may undergo a trial period before using the spinal stimulator as you will know the stimulator’s efficiency. You can opt for the spinal stimulator if you feel fine during the trial; it should reduce pain and improve your life. You can insert the stimulator for a few days and record how you feel; if the stimulator stops the pain, you will decide to install it permanently.

It Has a Few Side Effects

The spinal stimulator has few side effects and does not have a lengthy recovery like surgery. Moreover, it is more efficient than medications and can deal with spinal pain effectively with the adverse medication side effects. However, you may experience soreness, redness, and swellings when the doctor inserts the device into the spine, but these side effects go away within a short time. You will heal within a few days after inserting the spinal stimulator and can start controlling the device, eliminating the pain.

You Will Not Need Drugs

Other methods of curbing spinal pain might require reliance on drugs, but you will not need any medications after getting the spinal stimulator. The stimulator alters the pain transmitting nerves without medications as it uses electric waves. Thus it reduces opioid addiction, improving your overall health.

The Treatment If Cost-Effective

Spinal stimulators are cost-effective and lower costs than other treatment options. Once the doctor inserts the spinal stimulator, you will not need to incur other costs. Moreover, the device is efficient and can work well for an extended time; you might not need to replace it frequently.

Spinal pain can affect your life, making it difficult to complete everyday tasks; fortunately, you can opt for the spinal stimulator device, which uses electric waves to stop back pain. The devices interrupt pain transmission to the brain, thus blocking the nerve receptors and allowing a patient to deal with the real cause of the pain. You can opt for these simulators as they are cost-effective, have few side effects, and reduce the reliance on drugs.