Earth is an amazing-everlasting and self-sustaining planet that still seems to reveals its beauty from within even until this day. Before beauty, chaos merged. The same concept is developed and theorized when we talk about diamonds in specific. It took years of chaotic temperatures and tons of coal under high levels of pressure to create such astonishing rare beauty. Although the creation of diamond is still unparalleled to the evidence in which is presented by the scientific communities, the process of how a diamond is created is still widely debated and remains uncertain.

Ancient artifacts are unveiled all the time, new discoveries are made and new solutions are formulated over time, however there are something’s that are highly valuable and continues to surface to shore, some of those things are rare diamonds that are hardly found or may seem as if they have merged from some fairy tale… In this post, we will be taking a journey through the world’s top 5 most expensive diamonds of all times!

  • Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star Diamond happens to be the world’s greatest natural treasures of all times. The pink beauty was priced and sold at $71.2 million dollars in less than 5 minutes! It has a total of 59.60- carat oval mixed-cut flawless rock. The Pink Star is one of the most flawless and the rarest diamond that Gemological Institute of America has ever graded (GIA). (To learn more about the Pink Star Diamond, click here)

  • Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Another extremely rare rock discovered, known as the Wittlesbach-Graff Diamond. It is equipped with natural deep-blue color to the diamond with high clarity. The gem weights at 31.06 carrots in total.

  • Centenary Diamond

The Centenary Diamond is one of the most beautiful and one of the top 3 largest diamonds ever discovered. It has an amazing clarity level and far from any natural flaws. The precious rock weighs at 273.85 carats, originally discovered in the Premier Mine.  A weight of that mass accumulates to almost 90 million dollars. No wonder the owner decides to keep themselves a secret and unknown to the public.

  • Sancy Diamond

Mother Nature sure has her way to show her beauty in the most silent form, yellow diamonds. A scale of 55.23 carats, the Sancy Diamond is considered to be from an Indian origin as the cuts suggests an unusual cut for it to be summoned by the Westerns. The Sancy diamond has the qualities of a pale yellow tint, making it extremely rare with astonishing beauty.

  1. Kohi-I-Noor

The 105.6 carat worth of diamond made its name with the British Crown Jewels as part of the jewels family. It was once owned by the Kakatiya dynasty. It was so favorable to the British that it has made its appearance in several social societies, most circulating in social media platforms. The price is still undetermined and may continue to be a priceless artifact, till a price is quoted on its beauty. This diamond was discovered in Indian with a long horrible history of how the diamond came about. (To learn more about Koh-i-Noor Diamond, click here)

With a track history record of so many beautiful discoveries are made, there is no telling if the precious rock industry is as dull as a nail or as clear as a diamond, however miners from around the world are determined and are sure that precious rocks and gems that are rendered pricelessness, are still yet to be discovered. What secrets lays deep down inside of the earth’s surface still remains a mystery and there is no telling with what the future holds. Will we see bigger and rarer diamonds anytime soon or will the scientific communities create new formula schemes for us to believe in? One diamond that we all still haven’t really seen is a combination of all the diamond colors into a colorful rainbow-like diamond, now that’s something to look forward to!