Everyone prioritizes the importance of a family doctor, but few people reach out to a family dentist. So, why the need to reach out to a family doctor? Reach out to  Robert Hendricks dmd, mph and realize why. The specialist treats all family members and works with patients of different ages. Thus, they will know all the family history, making it possible to deal with dental issues early on. You should let the whole family see a single-family dentist, as booking an appointment with such a dentist will be easy, and the treatments will meet the needs of every family member. Here are reasons your loved ones should see a family dentist

They Treat Patients of All Ages

A family dentist treats patients of all ages and will care for your children and older adults. Thus they act as a one-stop shop for all your oral care needs. Sometimes taking the children to pediatric dentist appointments could be hectic, but the family dentist is trained to handle young children. When the children see you receive the same treatments, they will overcome their fears and prioritize oral care hygiene.

They Understand Your Family History

The dentist will understand your family history, and they might know when you are predisposed to a certain condition like gum disease. When seeing a family dentist for the first time, you would provide your dental and medical history, which forms the baseline for future treatments. The family dentist will learn more about you as they handle your teeth, making it easy to customize a treatment plan to meet your oral care needs.

Booking Appointments Is Easy

Booking appointments for family members who see different dentists might be challenging as you need to be meticulous with the appointments. However, seeing a single dentist makes the treatments easy as you could book a single appointment for the whole family. Additionally, a dentist might agree to work off the working time when seeing more family members. Thus they earn a commission for working past the working hours.

They Offer Preventive Medicine

It is easy to opt for preventive treatments when you see a family dentist as they understand your medical history; they will note that closely related family members are likely to develop cavities or gum disease. Thus, they will formulate a preventive plan to deal with emerging issues in the future, preventing serious oral care issues. Additionally, insurance companies cover some preventive medicine, which lowers the cost of treating teeth.

They Teach Young Ones the Proper Oral Care Routines       

Although you will do your best to teach your children how to brush and floss their teeth, they are likely to listen to dentistry. They understand that a dentist is professional and their advice will help prevent oral issues. The dentist might use molds and colorful illustrations to teach proper oral hygiene.

Although your family might see a doctor, do you have a family dentist on the dial? Many households overlook the importance of a family dentist. However, a family dentist will treat patients of all ages and will work with their patients through different life cycles. Thus they will easily diagnose an issue and offer preventive care. Fortunately, some insurance companies cover preventive treatments, lowering dental care costs. Additionally, your dentist will teach the children proper oral care routines and help them overcome phobias.