Concierge medicine is a relatively new primary care approach that aims to offer a more individualized and improved patient-doctor relationship. To access this improved level of care, patients pay a membership fee to a doctor, akin to the retainer fee paid to attorneys.

If you are wondering why you should switch to Montclair Concierge Medicine, read on! This article provides insight into how this patient-provider model can make a difference in the quality of healthcare you enjoy from a primary care doctor.

1. Improved Patient-Doctor Relationships

Concierge medicine facilitates the development of a personal bond between you and your doctor. With more direct access, you will likely develop a more familiar and trusting relationship, which might make you more willing to follow preventive care recommendations.

Although the relationship between concierge medicine and improved wellness is not clear, there is a benefit to creating a bond with your primary physician. Patients with primary care doctors have significantly lower premature deaths than those who only rely on specialist visits.

2. Little to No Wait Time to Arrange an Appointment

The average wait time for most family medicine physicians is days if not weeks. These delayed appointments can deteriorate your condition and even impact the kind of treatment you need.

However, concierge doctors reduce the number of patients they take. As such, they have more control over their availability. Patients under concierge medicine can enjoy same-day appointments, guaranteeing their health issues are treated promptly.

3. Immediate and Constant Access

Once a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke, happens, it is apparent that something is amiss and immediate care is necessary. However, if you have an issue that causes common or vague symptoms, it might not be obvious that immediate attention is necessary.

With concierge medicine, your 24/7 direct access to your physician eliminates the barriers to care that could possibly cause dangerous delays. Concierge medicine doctors are always a text or phone call away.

4. More Time with Your Doctor

The norm for many primary care doctors is to arrange brief patient visits. However, concierge doctors generally spend more time on patient consultation. When doctors are under pressure to keep moving between many patients, it is common to experience poor quality care. 

The pressure to finish an appointment quickly might represent missed patient education opportunities. The extra time concierge doctors spend with patients allows for more comprehensive examinations, instead of only addressing the primary reason for your visit.

5. More Comprehensive Care

Most concierge medicine practices have cutting-edge laboratory and diagnostic equipment like X-rays, EKGs, and in-house urinalysis and blood work laboratories. These technologies make diagnostic processes easier.

Added perks, such as discounted diagnostic and lab testing pricing, could render your monthly concierge fee a worthy investment. The blend of accessibility, convenience, and possible cost savings attracts more patients yearly to this innovative approach to managing their well-being.

Concierge medicine offers a level of access to your doctor that is unattainable in a conventional patient-provider arrangement. Unlike the conventional approach, you do not have to wait days or weeks to see your doctor.

With concierge medicine, you can access your physician, even after hours. This care model results in significantly better patient outcomes, and reduced need for emergency care as your doctor can identify an issue in its early stages.

By Johnson