If you’ve been taking traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore, you may have heard of acupuncture for fertility. This treatment involves the insertion of thin needles in specific areas of the body to promote blood flow. Your practitioner or doctor may recommend it if you have infertility issues. Before taking the procedure, there are things you must do to prepare for it. Read the article to know more.

Pick a Date Where You’re Free

Ideally, you should pick a day with little to no activity. The reason is that you want to avoid stress before and after the treatment. Find the time where you have the entire day to yourself before scheduling an appointment with a TCM clinic in Singapore.

Bring a List of Medication & Supplements

Remember to bring a list of every medication and supplements you are taking. You want to inform the TCM practitioner in Singapore if there are ingredients in them that may have a side effect once the acupuncture for fertility begins.

Eat Properly Before the Session

Never go to treatment, such as acupuncture for fertility, on an empty stomach. Doing so puts you at risk of feeling lightheaded during the procedure. On the other hand, avoid overeating as you may feel uncomfortable.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

When it comes to your choice of clothing, go for loose but comfortable clothes before going to your TCM clinic. One reason is you don’t want to feel any discomfort during the treatment, and the other is to help the practitioner apply the needles in the right places.

Avoid Drinking Caffeine Before the Session

Remember that caffeine is a stimulant that increases your fight-or-flight response. Furthermore, its presence may reduce the efficacy of acupuncture for fertility and waste your money.
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