Invisible aligners in Singapore are becoming a more popular option because of their convenience. You won’t have to deal with wires and monthly adjustments of traditional braces.

However, although Invisalign won’t require you to get cleaned regularly, it will still need the same amount of commitment. It is to make sure that your treatment is worth your money. Here are things you must remember.

1. Wear it 22 hours a day.

Your orthodontist will most likely ask you to wear it for 22 hours a day. Invisible braces in Singapore will only seem uncomfortable for a while, but you will feel familiar with them over time. You can, however, remove them when you need to eat or brush your teeth.

2. Clean them regularly.

When you ask for an Invisalign treatment in Singapore, it’s necessary that you also know how to keep it clean at all times. Because of improper cleaning or exposure to food that can ruin aligners, they might lose their clarity and may have an odour.

3. Be conscious of your eating habits.

There are several ways that invisible aligners in Singapore might impact your eating habits. Because you only have two hours to eat and brush your teeth, you’ll have to give up some of your favourite treats. It’s ideal to have a well-balanced diet.

4. Always carry a retainer case.

Since you will need to remove them when you need to eat, always bring a case. Although having clean napkins can help, it’s widespread to misplace them. When you get invisible braces in Singapore, you will most likely have a case that comes with it.

5. Be careful when removing them.

There are several ways to remove Invisalign. You may begin from the back and use an aligner hook or a paper towel for grip. If you recently had jaw surgery in Singapore, talk to your orthodontist.My Braces Clinic offers Invisalign in Singapore to make you say goodbye to traditional and ceramic braces. Smile beautifully and book an appointment today!