5 Ways On How To Relieve A Stuffy, Blocked Nose At Night


It’s hard to sleep at night when you have a stuffy blocked nose or nasal congestion. Having a stuffy nose at night can be a frustrating problem to deal with in an untimely manner. We know it can be to get a peaceful good night sleep, and worst of all, it can keep you awake all night. However, there are many ways that you can do on how to clear a blocked nose.

1. Take a decongestant

You don’t need to look for a sleep clinic in Singapore if you haven’t tried taking a decongestant first. Decongestants are huge congestion relievers since they help reduce the swelling of the blood vessels in your nose. Decongestants can either be purchased in the form of oral medication or nasal spray, depending on your preference.

2. Take a hot shower before going to bed.

Taking a hot shower can help your nasal congestion by thinning out the mucus inside your nose with the water temperature. A hot shower provides relief and relaxation, especially when you feel tired. It also helps clear up sinuses without you ever having to look for a sleep clinic in Singapore.

3. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and it gives you an energy booster. If your daytime routine involves drinking beverages with caffeine, then it’s best to refrain and withdraw from caffeine. See if there are any disruptions in your sleep.

4. Take a saline spray or saline rinse.

A saline spray or rinse can be beneficial since it can raise the moisture level of your nostrils, which help relieve decongestion and other related symptoms. However, it is advisable to talk with a doctor first before using the spray for medical advice and further guidelines on how to clear a blocked nose with saline.

5. Take antihistamine

Antihistamine is known to prevent the effects of histamine – which is responsible for allergic reactions such as sneezing, congestion, and other response symptoms. It is known for its drowsy side effect, making it ideal to take before bed.

For blocked nose problems and sinus surgery in Singapore, Dr Gan is a licensed ENT specialist ready to provide medical assistance for sleep-related disorders.

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