6 Famous Celebrities All Over The World Who Practise Yoga On No-Work Days


Celebrities always have a tight and busy schedule. But during taping-free days, they also value R&R! Some go on vacation, go to a spa or practice yoga. In Singapore and other Asian countries, yogis practice Qigong or Chinese Yoga instead of the traditional one, Hatha. Enrol yourself in a Chinese yoga class and meditate just like these celebrities.

1. David Beckham

David has been practising yoga since 2010. The famous soccer legend powers his strength and core through Bikram yoga. After a few years, together with his wife, the two learned yoga poses for couples to strengthen their connection and intimacy.

2. Jennifer Aniston

“Yoga changed my life.”

Jennifer Aniston discovered yoga in 2009 from her yoga instructor friend. Since then, Jennifer’s been studying various yoga practices. Learn from Jennifer. Befriend your yoga instructor in your course or class in Singapore.

3. Kate Hudson

The 42-year-old actress practices yoga with her daughter. Because of Kate’s mad love for yoga, she co-founded Fabletics, an apparel line designed for fitness or yoga.

4. Ryan Gosling

Yoga is for anyone, no matter what race and gender. Hunk veteran actor Ryan Gosling also practices yoga to tone his shape and body. If you’re into yoga, enrol in yoga teacher training classes in Singapore. You might be Ryan’s next yoga teacher!

5. Lady Gaga

Singer-actress Lady Gaga has been promoting all advocacies about self-love and expression. The actress attends Bikram yoga classes to keep her figure in shape and manage her fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

6. Adam Levine

Adam has always shared on TV shows that during any Maroon 5 concert, he always asks the organisers to assign a room backstage for his yoga practice before the concert.

Many celebrities practice yoga. Yoga can be practised by anyone and for any concern. It can be your tool for meditation, backbone correction, posture problems, and many more. Singapore has several classes and studios with a Chinese yoga teacher. Try it once, and you’ll definitely love it!

If you want to learn yoga poses or take yoga teacher training classes in Singapore, contact the team of The Yoga Mandala and receive the best yoga service for the best price.

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