Knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) can help relieve pain and restore function to severely diseased joints. It is a common procedure assisting people in improving mobility and quality of life. The procedure is safe and effective, but in some instances, you may need knee revision surgery Chevy Chase for better results in cases like broken/unstable/loose implants, bone fracture or infection.

Potential risks

While a safe procedure, like other surgeries, there are risks. Among the common includes:

  • Infections: It is recommended to contact your doctor immediately if you notice symptoms like a fever (higher than 37.8 C), increasing tenderness/redness/swelling, shaking chills, or drainage from the site
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots
  • Stroke or heart attack

The risks can be reduced by ensuring you work with a reputable doctor who boasts a cutting-edge facility. Only a tiny percentage of patients experience severe complications. Over 90% realize less pain and improved mobility, resuming their activities of daily living.

The recovery

The recovery time varies between individuals, but typically takes 12 months or less to regain your knee strength. This is also considering how well you follow the post-procedure guidelines, including wound care, medication, and exercise, to mention a few.

Your age and overall health also impact the recovery process. Your knee’s strength before the surgery also counts. Weight before and after the surgery also affects the recovery process. Among the common things to expect after the knee surgery includes:

  • Spend a day or up to three in the hospital
  • Assisted walking on the day of the surgery and for up to a week or two
  • Start walking without assistance after two to three weeks
  • Start to drive after four to six weeks, following your doctor’s recommendations
  • Resume work after three months if your activities are physically demanding

Benefits beyond knee pain

Knee pain that keeps you up at night makes it hardly possible to manage your routine and doesn’t respond to OTC medication or measures like losing weight is best suited to a surgical approach. The surgery alleviates pain and improves mobility making it easier to get around and maintain an active lifestyle. It means you can maintain regular exercise, an essential part of your overall health regimen. This is since it keeps concerns like osteoporosis, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, among other chronic conditions, at bay. Moreover, you will enjoy better knee strength, offering the needed stability, hence fewer chances of falls that can lead to injuries.

Pain can cause stress, and before you realize it, you are trapped in a stress-pain cycle, considerably affecting the quality of your life. Besides regaining mobility and alleviating pain, knee replacement surgery helps improve your overall health, making it an invaluable treatment.

The cost

Knee replacement surgery can be expensive. Nonetheless, your insurance can cover it if your doctor recommends it, as a necessary medical intervention. You may have to finance co-pays or deductibles and other expenses like transport and in-home care. Talk to your insurer and ensure the doctor accepts your coverage to ensure the financial burden doesn’t keep you from active life.

Knee replacement and revision surgery could be your answer to dealing with pain and reduced mobility due to injury or osteoarthritis. Visit or call Gautam Siram, MD to find out more about knee pain and available treatments.