Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM in Singapore, is an age-old alternative medicine practice that has helped residents address various health concerns. From pain management to stroke rehabilitation, TCM and their treatments have been relieving individuals of their symptoms and conditions for about 2,200 years.

Acupuncture for fertility is among the many remedies TCM offers to Singapore residents. It is a treatment involving thin needles that a TCM expert will gently insert into your skin. It is known for increasing blood flow, relieving stress, regulating the body’s energy flow, and restoring balance to the system—factors crucial for fertility.

Aside from alleviating anxieties and maintaining overall wellness, acupuncture for fertility can also help regulate hormones, improve egg quality, and ensure that the uterus is in the best shape possible. It can also increase sperm count, motility, and morphology while enhancing sexual performance.

If you plan on getting acupuncture in Singapore, you may wonder if you and your spouse can use it to help you build a family. Scroll through to learn about the couples perfect for this trusted TCM treatment for fertility:

1. Couples Who Want To Improve Their Fertility

Even if you and your spouse are already fertile, you can still get acupuncture from a TCM clinic in Singapore to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The treatment provides reproductive health-improving benefits to couples with minimal risks, so there is no harm in taking a chance with such a remedy that has helped numerous people conceive.

2. Couples Facing Lifestyle-Related Fertility Issues

Acupuncture for fertility does not claim to treat any condition that could affect your fertility. However, it can help you address lifestyle-related concerns that may impact your ability to conceive. It can help you feel relaxed and have a balanced body, which is crucial for starting a family.

3. Couples Who Do Not Want To Undergo Invasive Procedures

Many fertility treatments involve going under the knife. If you are not comfortable with these surgical procedures, you can visit a TCM clinic in Singapore to try their non-invasive services that can address fertility. They can encourage you to get acupuncture and confinement herbs that may improve your reproductive health and help you and your partner have a baby.

4. Couples Who Have Tried Other Fertility Treatments

If you have exhausted other fertility treatment options, you can consider acupuncture in Singapore as a last resort. It may not guarantee 100% success, but it can give you a shot at becoming more fertile to conceive naturally.

Thomson Chinese Medicine is a trusted TCM clinic in Singapore that can introduce you to acupuncture’s role in fertility. Check out its website to learn more about its non-invasive answer to couples trying to get pregnant.