Both complex or minor broken bones take a long time before healing completely. That is why continuous fracture care is needed in every phase of your recovery to hasten the healing of the broken bones. Fracture care in Las Vegas is provided by experienced orthopedic specialists who offer integrative care. You are encouraged to seek medical help as soon as you notice any broken bones to help minimize complications. Get to learn about fracture care.

What is fracture care?

Generally, broken bones go through various stages during healing. Inflammation starts subsiding as bone production and remodeling occur. Therefore it is essential to receive continuous care to allow your bone to heal correctly. Fracture care typically includes realigning broken bone fragments when needed using a reduction procedure.

However, complex fractures might require your care provider to perform an internal fixation or open reduction procedure in an operating room. Doing so allows your orthopedist to realign your bone fragments and place pins, plates, or even screws to hold the fragments in place. After stabilizing your bone, a brace, cast, or splint is used to immobilize it to ensure your bone remains appropriately aligned. As healing continues taking place, your care provider offers you various treatments to promote healing, alleviate pain and help rebuild bone strength.

Fracture care management may involve anti-inflammatory injections or medications, regular digital x-ray images, physical therapy and rehabilitation, or nutritional and lifestyle counseling. The role of your orthopedist during fracture care is to evaluate if your bone is healing appropriately regularly. The specialist can also make some adjustments in your fracture care when needed.

Why is fracture care necessary?

In most cases, the care provider usually spends their time designing a customized fracture care management plan. A tailored care plan will help minimize stiffness, pain, and discomfort while promoting bone strength and lowering the risk of recurrent injury. Fracture care is also crucial in that it helps identify concerns that might be altering proper bone healing.

For example, smoking, diabetes, and thyroid conditions slow your healing process, which has a negative impact on the health of your bones. Your orthopedist hence creates your individualized fracture care depending on such concerns.

How long does fracture care last?

Mainly, health care providers usually offer individualized fracture care for as long as you require it. But in most situations, it usually takes approximately six to twelve weeks for your bones to heal completely. However, the fracture does not stop after this period of time. You are advised to participate in ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation as required until you are completely healed and are no longer at risk of developing any complications.

In a nutshell, if of late you have had an injury and suspect that you may have any broken bone or you are having complications due to a previous injury, call or contact Battle Born Bone & joint Center to learn the importance of fracture care. You can also book your appointment online or via a phone call.