How to get rid of acne scars: Treatments and home remedies

Acne breakouts often leave scars on your face and different areas of your skin. Fortunately, there are very many effective treatments, such as medical and home remedies, that may help get rid of your acne problem. Natural, prescription, and over-the-counter medication can also help reduce the appearance of your acne scars. Severe cases require more advanced acne scar treatment Coral Gables such as laser treatments, light therapy, microneedling, and surgery. Read on to learn more about acne scar treatments.

What are the main types of acne scars?

There are many different types of scars that develop in various shapes and sizes. Below are the four main types of acne scars;

1. Wave-like acne scars

These types of scars are very common in regions where you have thicker skin, such as your jaw and lower cheeks. Rolling acne scars are often linked with long-term cases of inflammatory acne.

2. Ice-pick acne scars

They are formed when your skin loses excessive collagen amounts due to a prominent case of acne. It is very common in different areas of your skin, such as the upper cheeks, forehead, and other areas with thin skin. Ice-pick scars are also very common among young people because it is mainly triggered by a hormonal imbalance. These scars tend to leave small, narrow scars with triangular-shaped marks.

3. Hypertrophic acne scars

These are thick, wide, and elevated scars that form when there is excessive production of collagen in your body. This type of scar usually forms when your acne scar is healing.

4. Boxcar acne scars

Boxcar acne scars are deep, square-shaped depressions on your skin’s surface. While they are fairly common, they are difficult to get rid of and require advanced medical treatments such as chemical peels, dermal fillers, or laser treatments.

What are the available treatments for acne scars?

As mentioned earlier, there are very many effective treatments for acne scars. You will work closely with your practitioner to determine which treatments are best-suited for your acne problem. Some of the common treatments for acne scars include:

路       Dermabrasion. This procedure involves removing the topmost layers of your skin where acne has formed.

路       Microneedling. This treatment involves using tiny needles to boost the production of collagen in your body to help smoothen the acne scars.

路       Punch grafting. This treatment entails extracting a skin graft from a different area of your body and using it to fill the areas where the acne scars have been removed.

路       Dermal fillers. This treatment involves injecting a special solution into the affected areas to help correct acne scars.

路       Excision. This is an invasive treatment where your doctor removes the acne scar by cutting it into your skin and later stitching the wound.

路       Laser resurfacing. This treatment involves using lasers to correct scarred skin and help boost your body鈥檚 collagen production.

路       Chemical peels. This procedure entails using a certain chemical solution to remove the topmost layer of your skin and encourages the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

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