Every person desires to be healthy and free from diseases and ailments, but that isn’t always the case. Our body breaks out at one time or another due to several factors like fatigue. As the years go by, different ailments start showing up where some may be genetic or hereditary or caused by accidents. Some diseases are common, and others are rare, and that is where internal medicine Lima, OH comes in handy to help. Let us dig deeper and understand what internal medicine is.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine is a   branch of medical specialty where a physician uses clinical expertise and scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat adults with various health concerns. The physicians who specialize in internal medicine are called general internists. They are equipped to handle a comprehensive spectrum of illnesses that affect adults. The specialty ranges from health promotion, prevention of diseases, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases. Due to their expertise, they can handle any medical condition a patient brings, however simple or complex it may be. Therefore, an internist uses extensive knowledge and experience to determine the exact problem and the best solution.

Examples of internal medicine

  •         Allergy and immunology deal with diagnosing and treating patients with the human immune system.
  •         Cardiovascular disease- this deals with patients with either acute or chronic cardiovascular diseases like congenital heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, and acute myocardial infarction.
  •         Endocrinology- deals with hormone disorders like the hormonal regulation of normal physiology of adrenal, pituitary gland, pancreas, testes, and ovary tissues.
  •         Hematology- deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders that affect the bone marrow, blood, immunologic, and vascular systems. It also deals with all forms of cancer and its therapies.
  •         Infectious diseases-are the contagious diseases which are primarily bacterial and need a great diversity of drug-resistant bacteria
  •         Gastroenterology specializes in training, researching diagnosis, and treating gastrointestinal tract and liver disorders.
  •         Nephrology- the specialty deals with kidney disorders like those affecting kidney function, kidney stone formation, fluid, electrolyte homeostasis together with regulation of blood pressure. Other conditions related to the kidney are kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, and polycystic kidney diseases.
  •         Pulmonology disease-deals with patients with lung disorders in inpatient and outpatient settings.
  •         Rheumatology-deals with diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other diseases of the joints, muscles, and the bones
  •         Sports medicine is concerned with all injuries and illnesses related to physical fitness. It also deals with patients with other medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, obesity, and osteoporosis who would wish to exercise to increase their fitness or reduce risks to their health.
  •         Geriatrics-its concerned with the health and the wellbeing of older adults. The conditions range from preventive medicine, geriatric assessment, rehabilitation, psycho-social, and management of patients in a long-term care setting.
  •         Adolescent medicine-there are different specialties in adolescence like the physical, social-psychological, and sexual development of adolescents and young adults.

It’s a relief for anyone struggling with any of the above diseases because, with the wide range of internists, there is hope to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and it is always wise to seek medical advice should one have symptoms of any disease. Selecting a qualified and certified doctor is also necessary and an excellent milestone to receiving the best treatment.