Teeth whitening gives everyone a brighter smile and makes you feel attractive. Teeth whitening procedure is recommended for people with strong teeth and gums. Various whitening systems and products include rinses, trays, whitening toothpaste, and over-the-counter gels. It is performed by well-trained cosmetic dentists like Dr. Hugo Artaza in Katy, who deliver professional results after the procedure. This article will discuss things you should know about teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Products

  1. Whitening toothpaste

Most toothpaste helps remove surface stains because they have fewer abrasives. Whitening toothpaste contains chemical and polishing agents that are more effective in removing stains. Whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach, and over-the-counter whitening products contain hydrogen and carbamide peroxide that lightens the color of the tooth by one shade.

  1. Whitening strips and gels

Over-the-counter whitening gels are more transparent and are applied directly to the surface of your teeth with a small brush. Instructions depend on the strength of the peroxide in the gel. Results show after a couple of days, but you will have to apply the gel at least twice a day.

Whitening strips are invisible and are coated with peroxide whitening gels. After applying them, the results can be visible after four months.

  1. Whitening rinses

 Whitening rinses are among the latest teeth whitening products. They keep your breath fresh and reduce gum diseases and plaques. These rinses have ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that help in whitening the teeth. You rinse your mouth for one minute before brushing your teeth. You have to rinse first and then brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste to boost its effectiveness.

What happens during teeth whitening?

To get your teeth whitened, you will first make some visits to dental surgery. The dentists will check your teeth, make a mouthguard, and direct you on how to use it with bleaching gel. Your dentist will also give you instructions to follow at home, like applying the gel for a given period over a few weeks.

Laser whitening is another type of teeth whitening used. Your dentist will apply a bleaching product to your teeth, and a laser is directed on the product to activate the whitening process. 

Risks of teeth whitening

Depending on the whitening treatment or products you use, there is a chance that your teeth are sensitive to the chemicals used, more so if you have sensitive teeth. You can have burns due to the chemicals, and some kits used at home can destroy the enamel.

Teeth whitening is not considered permanent, and the results vary depending on your age, lifestyle and genetics. Also, not all stains respond to teeth whitening, especially teeth that have suffered trauma from the inside and those with inorganic stains.

If teeth whitening is done correctly, they improve your smile, boost your confidence, and your teeth appear healthy. Before choosing any teeth whitening products, you should first consult your dentist to determine which product is suitable for you. Artaza Dental offers the best teeth whitening procedures and products that give you good results. Contact them today and book an appointment online.