Generally, there are several male conditions that, if not diagnosed and treated early, affect your sex life. Therefore, routine screening of these conditions is encouraged to prevent serious complications. Others cause symptoms such as pain, which affects your quality of life and your sexual life because it is hard to maintain an erection. Among these concerns is Peyronie’s disease, which presents with a curved or bent erection. You also experience a lot of pain when you have an erection. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and seek treatment, Peyronie’s disease Los Angeles specialists are here to your rescue. They offer effective curved erection treatment to provide symptomatic relief and meet your individual needs. They also offer therapy to help men understand that what they are experiencing is not new and can happen to anyone, which plays an essential role during treatment. Hence, if you are interested in learning more about the causes and symptoms of a curved erection, read on.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

It is a condition that occurs when plaque or scar tissue form underneath the skin of the penis. The plague makes your penis curve more evident when you have an erection. To some people, the concern never causes problems apart from being evident during an erection, while it can be painful to others. Usually, during an erection, the plaque or scar tissue prevents that part of your penis from enlarging, normally causing the erection to bend towards the plaque forming the curve. Sometimes, your penis may form an hourglass shape during an erection, especially if the scar tissue surrounds your penis. Therefore, for optimal results, you are advised to consult your care provider for early diagnosis and treatment of the condition while still in its initial stages.

What are the causes of Peyronie’s disease?

The primary cause of scarring in your pain is inflammation which usually develops secondary to damages that occur during sports or sex. But in other cases, the inflammation can be due to an underlying health condition. Therefore, if an underlying health condition causes your inflammation, it is essential to treat it while you are still dealing with the scarring. And if not, the scarring will also increase later after treatment.

What are the symptoms caused by Peyronie’s disease?

Generally, other than seeing the curve in your penis during an erection, most people also experience pain during an erection or sex. Some experience this as a slight discomfort, but it can also be painful at some point during sexual intercourse. Hard lumps may also form because of scar tissue. Of importance to also note is that Peyronie’s disease causes erectile dysfunction in most men, typically the inability to have and maintain an erection. However, if the right treatment is given, both cosmetic, physical, and functional aspects of your penis can be restored.

Shock wave therapy, surgery, and medications such as Xiaflex are used to treat curved erection. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and seek relief, you can get started by scheduling your appointment online at Atlas Men’s Clinic today.