Most people with colored teeth lack the confidence to smile in public because they feel less attractive. Therefore if you have discolored teeth and are interested in adding a little more shine to your smile, teeth whitening is the solution to all your concerns. Hilliard teeth whitening is therefore offered by a team of specialists who offer professional-grade teeth whitening treatment to give you stunning results. Below is all you are required to know concerning teeth whitening.

Why are your teeth not white?

There are various reasons why your teeth can discolor or turn dull. They include smoking cigarettes, bad oral hygiene, chewing tobacco, and exposure to certain antibiotics before eight years, medications like high blood pressure medications and anti-psychotics, or consuming dark food and beverages like soda, berries, coffee, and carrots. Similarly, genetics and your age can also affect the color of your teeth. As you advance in age, the hard outer layer of your teeth, the enamel becomes thin, exposing the soft inner layer of your teeth, the dentin which is responsible for yellowing your teeth. And since the transparency and porousness of the enamel are inherited traits, genetics also play a role in coloring your teeth.

How do you whiten your teeth?

Your physician can give you a brighter and whiter smile after one visit using a revolutionary new service known as a smile perfected system. It is a whitening procedure that involves the use of pre-filled whitening trays that fit perfectly in your mouth, enabling you to relax your jaw. The technique uses a nice-tasting whitening gel that penetrates the stains on the teeth, thus breaking the dark pigmentation to give you a brighter and whiter smile. As the trays with the gel remain on your teeth, the care provider shines a light on your teeth to activate the ingredient in the gel. The activated ingredient enhances the effectiveness and speed of the whitening process. And after approximately twenty minutes, you can see stunning results where you experience less sensitivity compared with other whitening treatments. The doctor then gives you a smile-perfected whitening pen to carry home to ensure your smile remains white and brighter for longer.

What about over-the-counter whitening strips?

Generic whitening trays and over-the-counter whitening strips have been used by most people interested in looking to improve your smile. But of importance is to understand that they are not very effective as professional treatment that you can get from your dentist. And in other cases, the strips can also be harmful to your oral health. First, the bleaching agent from over-the-counter products is not as effective as that used with the smile-perfected system. The trays and the strips are not designed to fit comfortably into your teeth, thus allowing the gel to leak to your gum, causing damage.

Discolored teeth lower your self-esteem and alter your behavior in public. Having discolored teeth is not a thing people are proud to have. Therefore if you have discolored or yellow teeth and are interested in having a stunning smile, call or visit Innovative Dental Ideas today for effective and safe treatment. You can get started by booking your appointment online or calling their offices.