One of the most prominent indicators of face aging is a laxity in the skin. The skin’s youthful suppleness, thickness, and volume may deteriorate as we get older, leaving the skin and deeper tissues to droop and wrinkle. Thankfully, Novathreads, a non-surgical procedure for efficiently combating skin laxity in numerous regions of the face and neck, has been granted FDA approval to perform this service. NovaThreads is a novel, minimally invasive therapy that provides an adjustable lift by using unique dissolvable threads inserted into specific areas of the body where they are required. So, why are New York Novathreads one of the best skin tightening procedures you can rely on? Here is why:

Long-term results

These threads may provide long-lasting therapy outcomes for six months or more. The body absorbs the first threads for four to six months. They encourage your body to make collagen when they are absorbed. New collagen development will take its place, so the results will continue for months even after removing the threads themselves. Nova Threads are an excellent alternative to a surgical facelift because of their long-lasting effects. Three months or less is the average length of time for other non-surgical methods.

Subtle results

Not all patients who see their skin beginning to droop immediately require a facelift, even though facelifts are the best long-term therapy for skin laxity. Similarly, addressing early indications of sagging skin too aggressively may make people look and feel self-conscious. NovaThreads, unlike its surgical equivalent, is most effective when used as an intermediate therapy for individuals who exhibit early indications of drooping.

NovaThreads lifts sagging skin while also assisting in reversing the aging process because of the unique barbed threads’ ability to promote collagen formation. This non-invasive procedure uses the body’s healing mechanism to help mend damaged skin without surgery. Using NovaThreads leads to a slight lift and natural-looking outcomes for patients.

NovaThreads give you immediate results

A local anesthetic is used in the treatment region to minimize any pain before you begin your NovaThreads operation. The NovaThreads are injected into your skin using hypodermic needles. Depending on your treatment objectives and the treated region, your doctor may administer multiple injections.

You can achieve a more youthful appearance by using these threads, which provide the support system your skin needs to combat the effects of age. The threads reinforce your skin’s structures like scaffolding and provide immediate results.

It’s a safe treatment

These threads went through comprehensive testing and trials before authorization by the FDA and being made available to the public. For further safety, the procedure does not employ any medicines, medication, radiofrequency heat, or IPL light, and there is no need for surgical anesthesia with this therapy. As a result, allergic reactions, scars, burns, hyperpigmentation, and other dangers associated with traditional skin-lifting techniques are almost eliminated.

A non-invasive, less costly alternative to pricey surgery, NovaThreads may be right for you if you are fed up with your skin looking saggy and want to tighten and lift it. Ensure you consult with a specialist to determine if this is the suitable skin tightening procedure based on your needs.