There is a high level of satisfaction in having the best quality products. Similarly, you must have the best quality cannabis for the best experiences.

So, now you must be wondering how?

Well, the solution is growing your own cannabis for the best quality buds. You can grow far better cannabis than the ones found in dispensaries.

With the right tips and proper knowledge, you are steps away from the best cannabis growth.

Starting from seeding to harvesting, we have covered all points for your better understanding.

With some beneficial suggestions from i49, this blog will provide you all the tips and ways to grow the best cannabis.

So, here are a few cannabis growth tips covering each step from seeding to harvesting.

Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you’ve bought your cannabis seeds from the best manufacturers, it’s time to germinate them. Your first baby step towards the best cannabis growth is germination.

Germination to Vegetative Stage For Visible Cannabis Growth

If your seed has gone through the germination process, your cannabis growth will enter the next stage.

Now, your cannabis is under the vegetative or growth stage.

If you’re growing indoors, the cannabis plant will keep growing as long as it gets optimum sources of light for at least 18 hours.

Growth Stage to Flowering Stage for Your Cannabis Growth

After the growth stage, your cannabis plants will encounter the flowering stage. Here, things will get interesting for you.

In this stage, your cannabis plants will start flowering buds. These buds contain the essential compounds of cannabis, such as THC and CBD.

For outdoor natural growers, you have to wait until the late summertime for the plants to receive shorter days.

If you’re growing indoors, you have no worries, as you can simply change certain conditions to start the flowering stage effectively.

Maintaining the Plant Size and Keeping Check for Growth

You must maintain the size of your cannabis plants under control. Also, keep checking for the growth progress of your cannabis in regular intervals.

Neutralizing the Odor

So, your cannabis plants must be going through a blooming stage now. In the flowering stage, your cannabis plants will strongly release a fresh aroma of cannabis.

Harvesting and Trimming the Cannabis Plants

So have you completed the flowering stage of your cannabis plants? Well, now, it’s time to finally trim and harvest the cannabis plants.

Drying and Curing Your Cannabis Plants

After trimming the cannabis plants, you can tie them upside-down on the tent or strap. This will help to dry out the trichomes easily for trimming them efficiently.

You can also trim first and later dry the buds in a drying net in the same room. You have to ventilate fresh air constantly to avoid any mold formation.