Choosing Dermatologists In Singapore: My Journey As A Skincare Enthusiast

Proper skincare ranges from using safe and effective products to trusting dermatologists in Singapore for procedures and other treatment plans. Here, the common denominator is the use of medically-approved ingredients and methods. People are safe at all times and can experience their desired results. \

Realising that skincare and all things beauty is not a one-size-fits-all thing is what most people forget. What does this mean? A particular product, ingredient, or treatment plan does not have the same effect on different people. For instance, one might react violently against brightening treatments or anything along those lines. 

In this article, let me narrate my experiences and some tips for selecting dermatologists for my skin concerns. I have been consulting doctors, purchasing products, and helping people through my blog with the information I gather from clinics. 


Being a skincare enthusiast means knowing what I am writing on my blogs. I usually add disclaimers that indicate I am not a dermatologist or a medical professional. These things help viewers because my expertise is limited to the products I use. In short, I am not the person to ask about the best skin cancer screening in Singapore because only licenced professionals can talk about that. With this, I started, and you should, to consult with a dermatologist before trying products in the market or undergoing treatment options. 


One thing about me is I make it a habit to know what I put and use for my body. It can be looking at the macronutrients of the latest snack I am bingeing on or reading the label of the skincare product I have discovered in the market. With this, always know a thing or two about ingredients, and remember what dermatologists have told you. 


Looking for dermatologists who can provide proper eczema treatment in Singapore, for example, means observing the products they suggest or the treatment plan that suits your health condition. Why? It lets you get an overview of what to expect. Aside from that, you should always know what you are using or undergoing. That is what I did when looking for a solution to my skin problems, and I wish more and more people would focus on this. 


One mistake I have made in this journey is I did not ask patients or anyone I know who has tried products or a treatment procedure from a dermatologist. Instead, I only read the brochures in the clinic and went on with the plan. Thankfully, nothing wrong happened when I had laser treatment for my minor case of pigmentation. If I were unlucky, something might have happened to me. So, always seek customer reviews before deciding! 

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