Droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis, are common in many people. You are not alone if you see sleepy-looking eyes in the mirror. It can make you look old or more tired than you are, which can toll your confidence. The condition can worsen over time without treatment to impair your vision. This is where the droopy eyelids Dulles specialists advise patients to seek expert diagnosis to understand what can be done to treat the condition. It is critical to learn more about the complication, and here is the information.

Signs of Ptosis

The main and obvious sign of ptosis is when one or both eyelids droop. Although the situation is not painful, it can affect your vision. You might realize you have to tip your head or lift your chin to see well. Also, it might not be easy to lift your lids since you have to arch the eyebrows first. Over time, you might develop neck and head complications.

In children, ptosis can also be associated with lazy eyes, especially if the eyelid droops too much, making things look blurry. That is why ptosis should be treated early in children to avoid long-term vision issues.

Why Does Ptosis Occur

Several factors can cause ptosis.  Sometimes babies are born with it, and you can also get it as an adult due to damage to the muscles and nerves controlling the eyelid. It could be a droopy eyelid, an injury, or an illness that weakens the muscles and ligaments responsible for raising your eyelids. Additionally, ptosis could come naturally due to aging. Your skin and muscles around your eyes weaken naturally. Finally, an eye tumor can also cause your eyelids to droop.

How Ptosis is treated

Understand that you might not need to be treated if your vision is not affected. Often, children with ptosis are treated to prevent future serious vision complications. If your child has ptosis, the doctor needs to check the eyes regularly. They can treat amblyopia with patches, drops, or glasses. The doctor can also tell if your child will need surgery in the future. Adult treatment for ptosis means surgery. Your doctor removes the extra skin and tucks the muscle to lift the lid. You can also use glasses with a special crutch to lift the eyelids and improve your vision where you want to avoid surgery.

How to Manage Ptosis

Ptosis will affect your ability to drive, walk up or down the stairs, or even read. See your doctor when you feel the quality of your life is affected. Also, it is necessary to treat any other eye issue that could worsen your symptoms. Remember that ptosis might not be painful, but you can still choose surgery for your cosmetic needs. Take your children regularly to the doctor if they have ptosis. But your teen children can also benefit from surgery to improve their vision and self-esteem.

Droopy can lower the quality of your life and limit your confidence and self-esteem. But there is a solution. Reach out to the droopy eyelid specialists at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center for help. Remember that the condition can cause serious vision problems when not treated. Therefore, act now to save your future vision. Your provider will help you know if eyelid surgery is right for you.