Everyone will likely experience some pain or discomfort in their neck, spine, or back at some point. Usually, neck and back spine pains are common when lifting, sleeping or overusing. If you are struggling with any pain in your back or neck spine, Spine Center Atlanta might be the solution. If your pain or discomfort is left untreated, you will have difficulty carrying out activities you love. Sometimes you may be unaware 0f when to see a spine specialist. As a result, this article elaborates on the early warning signs you need to see a spine center.

Persistent Pain in Your Back or Neck

Even though not all spinal complications lead to pain in the area of damage or injury, some cause pain. For example, slipped discs can lead to discomfort and pain in the immediate site around the disc. Besides, osteoarthritis resulting from losing protective cartilage near the bone can contribute to neck and back pain when your spine’s bones rub together. Therefore, if you experience pain after a minor accident that does not go away, it is high time you book an appointment with a spine specialist.

Bladder and Bowel Concerns

In most cases, when you realize you are sitting on the toilet for several hours, it is high time you visit a spine center for checkups. Nerve damage and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are common conditions that can impact your bladder, bowel, and back. Nerve damage in your back can cause abdominal pain and hamper digestion. Alternatively, IBS is responsible for abdominal cramping and excess stool that can cause back complications.

Recurrent Pain That Does Not End With Home Treatments

Frequent or chronic pain lasting more than 12 weeks that does not get better even after trying to address it with primary care can indicate something wrong. Even though not all spinal complications lead to pain in the area of damage or injury, some do and can lead to recurrent pain. You should consult a spine specialist who can recommend prescription medication or physical therapy whenever your neck and back pain is still on.

Unexplained Change in How You Move Or Sit

If you experience pain when walking, unstable on your feet, or pain while sitting and standing, seek help from a spine specialist. Usually, reduced mobility and inability to bend or stand straight are some of the early signs of spinal concern. You can experience changed agility in your finger and hand since your upper neck and back connect with the spinal column to your hands, arms, and fingers. It will be difficult to carry out a task using your hands in such a situation.


Usually, your temperature may naturally fluctuate. If you have a fever and severe discomfort in the thoracic spine or lumbar region, you should seek medical help from a spine specialist. You might have flu or infection from muscle pull or strain in most cases. The flu can make your body hyper-aware of pains; thus, the aching sensations can be frustrating.

Back and neck spine concerns can be devastating and overwhelming if left untreated. They can prevent you from carrying out daily activities and affect your overall well-being. However, do not panic because a visit to a spine center can be the turnaround to your concerns. A spine specialist offers prescription medications, physical therapy, or surgery if other nonsurgical treatments cannot address your condition.