10 Sustainable sunglass brands of 2019

It’s finally a time of the year to upgrade wardrobes and style statements because let’s say hello to sunny summer days! 

Although, we cannot deny the fact that sunglasses and their need is not associated with a specific season as this is a must-have fashion accessory that helps in protecting eyes from UV (Ultra-Violet) rays. Whether you are planning to spend quality time on a beach picnic or willing to go for a long walk in gloomy weather. 

How about staying low-key this time and opting for vintage sunglasses? Brands these days are focusing more on sustainable fashion trends and we cannot thank enough stylists for paying back to the planet in an amazing way.  

So, it’s more a thankful moment because we are not only heading towards a sustainable fashion but also have been assisted with mind-blowing options. The more the trend of vintage gianni versace sunglasses is creating the hype, the more fashion designers are coming forward with unique fusion and variations.

 Let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the top-most demanding creations. 

Studio JUX

The Studio JUX is a brand, associated with German meanings which refers to ‘fun’ and ‘laugh’. Designers of the brand believe that fashion must be fun and amusing for people who enjoy following buzzing trends and look for unique ideas to complement their style statement. 

This brand widely focuses on the range of eco-friendly materials and assures ethical labour tactics that help in producing sustainable sunglasses. The designers of the brand work on fusing retro frames with modern-time styling. These shades with black lenses is a creation of the 60’s era that has been fused with the unique colour combination of turquoise blue. 


The TWO-THIRDS is a brand that has categorized itself for people who are more concerned about the oceans and the increasing issue of globalization. Hence, this eco-friendly brand focuses more on manufacturing products that produce less carbon footprint. Similarly, recreating the vintage glasses trend is another strategy that brand uses to promote sustainability. 

To ensure that precious accessories of the golden era are not being wasted, stylists of TWO-THIRDS reinvented this classy retro shade that is been harmonized with printed arms and simple shady lenses. However, there are some other brands as well that take inspiration from TWO THIRDS. Similar designs and manufacturing practices can be spotted in the Christian Dior sunglasses collection as well. 

Holly Ran 

Complementing a modern time fashion statement with a spark of the retro theme is all that Holly Ran aims to do. The best thing about this brand is that it values old-times accessories as same as it praises modern-time creations. 

The brand is known for offering quite luxury accessories and this is all because the designers of this brand know how to make a perfect-to-go combination of vintage and contemporary fashion. Not only this, Holly Ran offers an open invitation for the things that are no longer in use of people. This amber frame is one of the most demanding creation of the brand that is designed with an oversized arm in squiggled shape.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert brand is well-known for creating sustainable staples within California and San Francisco. But, one thing that marks the presence of the brand as top tier one is its strategy of promoting zero-waste tactic in its manufacturing process. 

If you are looking for some coolest retro sunglasses options, then we can vouch for you for Amour Vert. Brand work to make hand-made frames and offers guaranteed protection from UVA and UVB. This vintage brown shade is also one of the best creations of a brand that give complete retro vibes.


Brands are already doing their best to promote sustainability and now it’s our turn to add 2 cents to this ongoing trend. Go with vintage sunglasses and add a touch of golden eras in your style statements.