Have you ever noticed that even if you and your friend suffer from the same medical condition, you might also be experiencing different symptoms? In that case, your care provider may also manage your condition differently from how he is managing your friend because each of you presents with different symptoms. Of importance to understand is that the guiding principle in medical care is functional medicine because there are no absolute solutions to certain chronic conditions. Therefore, you can reach out for functional medicine Edmond, OK services, especially if you are suffering from a chronic condition and are interested in understanding how functional medicine works. You can also learn some of its benefits, including:

Focuses on the root cause of your condition

Most care providers focus on providing symptomatic relief, but functional medicine is detailed and involves treating your medical condition by identifying and addressing the cause. One of the essential principles behind functional medicine is that when you know the cause of a disease, you are armed with knowledge on how to prevent the disease and obtain wellness through lifestyle modification. The primary goal of this treatment is to optimize your health.

Highly personalized

You should note that functional medicine focuses on specific information concerning the patient, thus making the treatment plan highly personalized. The approach acknowledges that you might be dealing with two patients suffering from the same condition but presenting with different symptoms due to their different responses to illness. As a result, their treatment plans should be designed for them differently.

Science-based and effective

Functional medicine is termed science-based because it usually relies on the data collected to help determine the underlying reasons why you are suffering from a certain disease. A functional medicine care provider usually understands the patient more through their medical history and biochemical, genetic, physiological, and lifestyle factors. The data acquired is then used to track the progress of your treatment plan.

Takes a multi-disciplinary approach

Another important benefit of functional medicine is that it incorporates many facets of your life. It usually addresses your condition from various fronts. In most cases, your functional medicine treatment plan may include botanical supplements, herbal supplements, detox programs, and vitamins. It also incorporates integrative medicine modalities such as acupuncture and lifestyle recommendations to improve movement, nutrition, stress management, and sleep.

Provides a road map for your health

In most cases, a functional medicine approach allows you to understand why you might suffer from a certain disease, and the information can help provide the best treatment. In most cases, the information can be reverse-engineered to help provide essential data for maintaining your overall health, an essential preventive care tool.

Usually, if you are among the many people suffering from a chronic condition, you also understand how frustrating it is to treat your condition. Sometimes your care provider may offer different medications for symptomatic relief. However, your care provider can decide to try functional medicine, which focuses on the underlying cause of your condition, thus curing your condition. Therefore, if you want to try functional medicine, you can start by scheduling your appointment at The Lamkin Clinic and have your conditions treated and acquire symptomatic relief.

By Johnson