Well-woman exams are routine checkups assessing females’ physical, mental, and reproductive health. All exams vary in each woman depending on age, medical history, and lifestyle habits. Your doctor will personalize your exam according to your unique needs. Various tests, counseling, and vaccinations are the main programs involved in a well woman exam Dallas. Well-woman exams help to prevent, diagnose and treat many medical conditions. Your doctor will recommend you get a well-woman exam yearly to maintain your health. Well-woman exams involve various services, and below are some.

Physical exam

A physical exam involves your healthcare provider assessing your overall health. Your doctor will check your weight, temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure. The doctor can also palpate your organs, test your reflexes and check the ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Sometimes you may undergo blood and urine testing.

Pap test

A Pap test helps to diagnose cervical cancer. The procedure involves your doctor collecting sample cells from your cervix. It is not a painful process, but you may experience some discomfort. The sample is then taken to the lab and observed under a microscope to check for precancerous and cancerous cells. Your doctor will recommend getting a pap smear yearly if you are sexually active or twenty-one years and above.

Breast exam

A breast exam involves your physician assessing your breasts and checking for lumps and other abnormalities. It can help detect breast cancer in its infancy stages. You may need a mammogram for further testing if you have an unusual effect. Your doctor will also teach you how to do self-examination, which is best done monthly. If you are between twenty to forty years, ensure you get a breast exam every one to three years and a mammogram every year after forty.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

STD testing is necessary if you are sexually active with more than one partner. If you have any infection, your doctor will prescribe medication to manage the issue and prevent you from spreading it to others. An STD testing is also vital if you are experiencing symptoms related to sexually transmitted infections. Your doctors will also advise you on safe sexual practices to protect yourself.

Family planning

Your doctor examines your health and reviews your health history to determine the birth control method right for you. Types of birth control include oral pills, intrauterine devices, and patches. Your doctor will discuss the benefits and side-effects of each technique and help you make a final decision. The form of birth control your doctor recommends depends on your needs and lifestyle.

Pelvic exam

A pelvic exam involves your doctor assessing your reproductive organs manually to check for any disorders. Uterus, cervix, and ovaries are the main organs observed. During the procedure, your doctor places one hand on your stomach and inserts two fingers from the other hand into your vagina. The doctor palpates your organs against your abdomen roof to check if your uterus and ovaries have a standard size and if there is any swelling or pain.

Well-woman examinations help prevent, diagnose and treat various medical issues to ensure you manage and maintain your general health. Schedule an appointment at JAM Wellness Clinics for well-woman exams to improve the overall quality of life.