The joints are vital in facilitating individuals’ mobility and flexibility. Notably, the joints are connected by the ligament tissues, reducing the friction between the moving bones. The joints are exposed to different conditions depending on the range of movement. For example, the joints with a higher movement range are more susceptible to inflammation. However, there are different treatment methods for arthritis Medford. The following are crucial things you need to know about arthritis;

Symptoms of arthritis

Here are the symptoms of the condition;

·         Fever

·         Difficulty in walking

·         Weight loss

·         Breathing difficulties

·         Inflammation and pain in the joints

What are the risk factors of the condition?

·         Overweight: individuals with excessive weight are more exposed to arthritis since being heavyweight leads to excess stress on joints such as the knee.

·         Injuries: individuals who engage in activities involving joint overuse develop injuries that can cause osteoarthritis in the joint.

·         Age: Older people are more likely to get arthritis than younger people.

·         Gender:  Women have a high chance of developing different types of arthritis than men, who are more vulnerable to gout.

·         Genetic Factors: Individuals from a family with a history of arthritis are at risk of developing the condition.

Complications of the condition

The following are the complication of arthritis that can occur when the condition is not treated;

·         Impacts on mental health: the condition can increase the chances of developing depression due to increased swelling that is painful.

·         Metabolic complications: Overweight individuals living with arthritis can easily develop metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

·         Reduction in mobility: The worsening inflammatory conditions in the joint can lead to difficulties in movement, thus interfering with individuals’ daily routines.

·         Swelling in other body parts: The arthritis conditions caused by autoimmune diseases can spread inflammation in different parts of the body, such as the lungs and eyes.

·         Risk of accidents: Individuals with worsening arthritis have weak muscles and  are more likely to fall, leading to fractures.

Myths concerning arthritis

The following are misconceptions about the condition;

Individuals cannot avoid the condition

Some individuals believe that arthritis is an unavoidable condition in their life experience. However, the reality is that you can adopt some practices, such as maintaining a healthy weight which can help you avoid the condition.

Only the old people can get arthritis

The majority of individuals, especially the younger ones, do not fear the severity of this condition since they claim that the condition only affects older people. Nevertheless, age is only a risk factor, and everyone can get arthritis.

The condition is curable

The truth is that a permanent cure for arthritis does not exist since the condition is progressive. Different treatments can only reduce the severity of symptoms, thus slowing down its progress.

Resting can help  to prevent arthritis

Engaging in physical exercise can help to relieve joint stiffness. Through physical exercises, joint tissues stretch gently, improving their wellness. Exercises also boost blood flow to the affected areas, thus reducing the severity of joint swelling.

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