During the past times, people thought that wearing glasses was not appealing for an individual, but today, things are completely different.

It is both fashionable and trendy to wear glasses, to a point in which people that do not have prescriptions are wearing frames to improve their appearances.

It is not logical from the past point of view, but today, you should find the glasses that will completely tell everything about you.

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The idea is to get the right frames that will match your face, shape of the head and present the best out of you. We will present you guidelines that will help you narrow your search down so that you can understand how different frames are matching with face contours and head shapes.

How to Find Size of the Frame?

The idea is that the better frames fit, the better it will match with your face. Therefore, you should find the ones like buying shoes; you need to know your size before you enter the store.

We are talking about key figures such as lens width, bridge width, and glasses arm length. Usually, you will find size numbers on the inside of the arms, and sometimes on the bridge.

Therefore, when you get the proper measurements by trying a few models and determining which one is the most appealing, you should search them in the closest optic shop that will provide you frames that will fit you.

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Face Shape

The factor that will determine whether some frames and glasses will fit you or not is by checking your face shape. Have in mind that in general, some frame shapes go hand in hand with all face shapes, and these rules are for people that want to find the best glasses possible.

  • Round Face – If you have a round face, you should choose the ones that feature squared-off angles and bold ones such as cat-eye, rectangular and retro styles. In case that you decide to create a choice that will stand out from others, you should combine round glasses with round face to make yourself more appealing.
  • Square Face – In this particular situation, the best choice that you can make is to find a frame that features sharp angles, which means curved styles such as round ones, bowline, oval glasses, and aviator frames. The best way to put a flashlight on your features is by using squared-off wingtip frames that will meet your criteria.
  • Triangular Face – For a triangular face, you should pick a frame, which is boldest and wildest on the top, and with balancing a wider jaw and elongating a narrower forehead. The best examples are aviators, bowlines and cat eyeglasses. Of course, you can also choose round ones that will create an interesting combination with angular features of your face.
  • Heart-Shaped Face – It is vital to find a frame that will feature deep bases such as retro wingtip and D-shaped lens. You should also choose the ones that wider your brows, which mean that cat-eye frames are great options for your needs. In case that your features are soft, you should try oval metal or rounded frames so that you can get ’90s look.
  • Oval Face – Have in mind that this particular face shape is the most universal, which means that all types and styles will appear great based on your facial features, balance, and symmetry. In case that you wish to stand out, we recommend you to consider aviator glasses or round metal ones that will appear amazing at your head.

Frame Thickness

  • Thick Frames – Have in mind that thick frames tend to be bold, and if you have strong facial features such as prominent chins and noses, you should stick to this particular type. Thick frames tend to come with dark colors, and they became more popular than any other option in the last few years.
  • Thin Frames – Thin frames will blend with your face, which is why you should avoid them if you have significant facial features because they will emphasize them. If you want others to notice your face, you should use thin frames.