How to make the pregnancy belly? The purchasing one from the market will be expensive for the budget of the person. The creation with simple material like cloth and balloon will provide convenience and comfort to the person. Proper information should be available with the person to create a fake pregnant belly. . In this article, the use of helmet, blanket, and beach ball is done to create the fake pregnant belly for women.

In recent times, the following simple steps will provide the benefit to the person. There will be no requirement of purchasing anything from the market. Proper guidance will be provided on each step regarding the size and breadth of the tummy. Different women will have different sizes, so a variety of options should be available for wearing the product.

Steps involved in the creation process

Here are the steps that are involved in the creation and manufacturing of the belly at home. The money the time of the person will be saved through following of the steps.

Use of the helmet – the selection of the helmet should be made without a face mask. A face mask will make the look of belly bumpy and strange. The choice can be made of a bicycle helmet through the person. For nine months of pregnancy, the size of the helmet should be large to offer the appearance. Different opinions can be gathered through the person, and the selection of the most convincing one should be made. The price of the helmet should be under the funds available with a person.

Use of the two blankets – The size and weight of the veil should be according to the requirement. The weight of two blankets will be enough to provide the experience of carrying a baby. The selection should be made of a clean blanket to give a correct look. The carrying of the blanket should be comfortable for the women. The touch on the surface should be smooth and comfortable for the person, and the blankets’ rolling will be done to provide a circle shape. The appearance will be the same as the pregnant ladies’ womb without spending plenty of pennies to purchase them.

Use of the beach ball – The use of the beach phone will deliver effective results. The weight of the ball should be considered while using a fake pregnant belly. The standard bowl size can be obtained through the person for use. The air will be inflated in the ball to provide the same size force placing at the tummy. The use of bandage tank tops can be done to stick the ball in the stomach. There should be no irritation and hurting on the skin of the person. Proper notice should be done after the position where the ball has been applied to appear as original pregnancy.

In this way, the creation of a fake pregnant belly can be done at home with comfort and convenience through the person. Proper research should be made at online sites to gather information about helmet blankets and beach balls.