Generally, most joint replacement procedures require you to stay in the hospital for several days for monitoring and further medical care. This can seem daunting, especially to patients who dislike hospital stays. However, how about having your treatment or surgery done and returning home the same day? Does this sound pleasant and promising? If so, this is exactly what same day discharge Oklahoma City services offer. With advanced technology, your provider ensures that your condition is stabilized so you can go home the same day.

If you have wondered how this works, let’s examine the answers to frequently asked questions about same-day joint replacement.

First, what is same-day joint replacement surgery?

This is the procedure whereby your orthopedic team can prepare a joint replacement surgery, perform the procedure and allow you to go home on that same day. The good thing about this procedure is that it incorporates modern technology, leaving minimal side effects. With a same-day joint replacement procedure, you won’t even require an overnight or multi-night hospital stay.

How is this procedure even possible?

With advancements in medical equipment, techniques, and experienced surgeons, the surgery is done carefully to target the root cause, thus leaving no complications that necessitate you staying in the hospital. Also, through proper prior preparation and prompt rehab after the surgery, chances of after-effects are minimal, thus boosting quicker recovery.

Who are ideal candidates for same-day joint replacement surgery?

While your orthopedic surgeon is responsible for determining whether you qualify for this procedure, individuals with chronic diseases or unhealthy standards cannot benefit from this procedure. However, your doctor will advise you if any concerns limit your access to these services. Furthermore, you should have a close friend or family members who can assist you for a few days after the surgery.

Why should I choose same-day joint replacement surgery over traditional surgery?

Like other procedures, you should weigh the benefits that same-day surgery provides. First, the same-day joint replacement procedure provides quicker independence, meaning you can get out of bed and move. Additionally, your care team can’t send you home until it’s safe, and they usually provide follow-ups. Nothing feels better than recovering in the comfort of your home after a surgical process. This means you’ll eat, sleep and feel better in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, same-day replacement surgery minimizes the risk of hospital-acquired infections, helps build your confidence, and the procedure is less painful with a speedy recovery.

What to expect when recovering at home?

Depending on the replacement surgery you’ll receive, your doctor will provide you with recovery techniques to fasten your recovery. For instance, you may be recommended to use a walker or pain-relieving blocks around the incision for pain relief during the first days. Because each patient is different, others can recover quickly and return to their pre-surgical activities months after the procedure.

The good thing about same-day joint replacement surgery is that most patients are satisfied and happy about the experience. Although it looks like an intimate experience, the fact is that with the help of a family member or friend, you can enjoy your recovery sessions without necessarily staying in the hospital bed. In addition, it’s more psychologically advantageous to recover at home than in the hospital. You, too, can enjoy the tremendous benefits of same-day joint replacement surgery.

By Johnson