Regardless of who you are, the common thing you have with everyone is that you don’t want to suffer warts, especially on your feet. Warts are contagious and unattractive and, if not treated early, can cause severe symptoms like pain and limited mobility. Considering how frustrating and uncomfortable these conditions are, there is no doubt that you should seek treatment options and preventive care. Luckily, warts Garland treatments help stabilize your condition and eliminate warts for good.

However, you must comprehend how to prevent warts development and flare-ups despite seeking treatments. For this reason, here are five effective tips that will help you prevent plantar warts or multiplying of already existing warts.

1.     Avoid going around barefooted

Typically, plantar warts are caused by strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), which congregate in areas that are moist and warm. These warts can develop through indirect contact with various surfaces. Therefore, to protect yourself against this uncomfortable condition, you should avoid walking with bare feet. Always wear sandals to safeguard your feet, whether at the pool, shower, gym or any other public facility.

2.     Constantly keep your feet tidy and dry

Whether wearing closed or open shoes, you should wash your feet with sterilizing soap at least once daily. Again, you should avoid keeping your feet wet as this can cause damage to your already existing condition. For plantar warts to occur, the viruses need a tiny opening, so keeping your feet clean at all times is essential. After thoroughly washing your feet, you can consider wearing moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes to keep your feet dry.

3.     Avoid direct contact with the warts

While plantar warts can develop due to indirect contact, they can also spread through direct contact. Therefore, you mustn’t touch or pick your warts as this can spread to your hands or other body parts. Also, touching or picking your warts can worsen the condition leading to pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. When washing your feet, thoroughly wash your hands and always use a disinfecting soap immediately afterward.

4.     Protect your feet

Protecting your feet is the best way to prevent warts and worsening the existing ones. If you have healing warts, consider cleaning them and covering them with a non-medicated bandage. Once covered, it will become difficult for warts to spread to other places. However, consult your podiatrist for the best technique to cover your warts.

5.     Visit your podiatrist at the first sign

It’s easy to notice symptoms related to plantar warts and ignore them by confusing them with another condition or thinking they will subside independently. However, warts usually develop as fleshy or rough growths on the sole of your feet. During the first stages, you might notice small, clotted black spots. Therefore, regardless of the nature of your signs, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek medical intervention immediately. Your podiatrist can assess your condition and provide you with treatment options to manage your condition and prevent worsening symptoms.

Since plantar warts can gradually form without your notice, you should focus on getting frequent checkups. Furthermore, these effective tips are an excellent way to prevent plantar warts and safeguard your feet’ health. Don’t allow warts to take a toll on your daily life while you can instantly get the relief you seek.

By Johnson