Summers are great for spending time with your family in the pool or having barbecues. But, summers also bring vicious, disease-spreading mosquitoes with them that can ruin your fun days within minutes. While chemical repellents are available in the market, they always contain some side effects. 

People have their doubts about natural remedies, but they work if applied correctly. Most of the ingredients needed for these remedies are already available in your home. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the work of professionals. If the mosquito situation in your house has gone beyond your control, hire the services of pest control Leon Valley, TX

Five natural mosquito repellents

  • Garlic. 

Garlic is one of the most loved food ingredients in the world, and thus, it is available everywhere. Even if you do not have it in your house at this very moment, you can visit the nearest grocery shop and buy some for little money. Mosquitoes hate the smell of garlic. To use them as a repellent:

  • Peel some garlic cloves and blend them with some water.
  • Strain the mixture and pour in a spray bottle.
  • Spray this garlic water wherever needed.

Humans won’t notice the garlic smell after a couple of hours, but mosquitoes will. 

  • Citronella. 

Citronella is a quite famous home remedy for repelling mosquitoes. Research has shown that the application of topical citronella can protect from three types of mosquitoes for up to 120 minutes. However, it is noteworthy that high concentrations of the ingredient can cause skin irritations. The best way to put this remedy to use is by lighting citronella candles or using essential oils. 

  • Lavender. 

Studies have shown that crushed lavender flowers can produce a fragrance and oil that effectively repels mosquitoes. You can easily grow lavender on your lawn and inside your house. Crush the flowers and rub them on the bite-sensitive areas of your body, such as your arms and ankles. Additionally, lavender also has soothing properties that can relieve mosquito bites. 

  • Used coffee grounds. 

Used coffee grounds can mess with mosquitoes’ reproductive cycle so that there are fewer pests to deal with. Collect the coffee grounds from your coffee machine and sprinkle them in rooms where mosquitoes are more likely to attack. The acidity of the coffee prevents these critters from reproducing. 

  • Catnip. 

Catnips, belonging to the mint family, are an effective way to repel various species of mosquitoes. You can buy catnip plants and keep them on your lawn or inside rooms. You can also use catnip essential oils and apply them to bite-sensitive areas. 

While natural repellents can effectively prevent mosquitoes, they can take a lot of time to start the action, and you also need to maintain the upkeep of various plants. If you wish to avoid such hassles, contact professional services today.