Sometimes., it’s necessary to rebuild and repair the teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. We refer to this as a full mouth reconstruction. This may solve your dental health issues if it worsens daily.

Full mouth restoration or full mouth rehabilitation are other names for the treatment. It consists of many dental operations tailored to the patient’s needs. The bite, smile, and jaw joints should be considered when thinking about full mouth reconstruction. 

To learn the specifics of this dental procedure, continue reading.

Who Needs A Full Mouth Reconstruction? 

The ideal candidate for full mouth reconstruction is a patient with a variety of dental issues, such as: 

  • Broken teeth result from bruxism, a disorder in which patients often grind their teeth.
  • Gum illness
  • severe acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • unbalanced bite, extreme deterioration
  • Jawbone density has decreased.

Employ full mouth reconstruction if the individual has tooth loss, excruciating discomfort, or trouble eating. 

What Aspects Of The Mouth Will The Dentist Inspect? 

 Many individuals believe that the mouth is just about the teeth. But let us assure you that it goes beyond teeth. A dentist will examine the following areas of your mouth to treat your mouth successfully: 

Bite – Malocclusion, another name for misaligned bite, creates issues with moving teeth and food chewing. Some individuals use a sleep guard to correct the alignment within the mouth. Consider thinking about a full mouth reconstruction if you have issues eating. 

Gum Tissues  – Deep cleaning methods like scale may help you have healthier gums if you have gum disease. Bone grafting can aid you if your illness is more severe and you need extra support. Notably, diseased gums result in tooth loss and jaw injury. For individuals who desire to enhance their smiles, gum contouring might answer this issue. 

Teeth – Wear and tear and tooth decay lead to a reduction in oral health. Any dental issue is resolved with full mouth reconstruction. This category of treatments includes, among others, dental bridges and root canals.

Esthetics  – You want your teeth to seem exciting regarding their color, shape, or size. Taking into account each of these factors, your dentist examines your teeth. They consider veneers and tooth whitening while creating new teeth. 

You are mistaken if you believe a full mouth reconstruction is comparable to a smile makeover. Dental implants perth addresses the look and function of the mouth, in contrast to a smile makeover that focuses on aesthetic issues.

Mouth Reconstruction Processes 

It might take anything from a few months to a year to complete the mouth-rebuilding procedure. Based on the circumstances, it depends on how many operations and treatments are necessary. 

The basis for the greatest outcomes is laid forth in the stages below : 

Discussion – Your dentist will ask you a few questions; you must be honest in your responses. For instance, they will inquire about any pertinent medical information. You may include any drugs you take, immune system problems, or smoking habits that could interfere with your therapy. They’ll quiz you on what you think makes the perfect grin. Additionally, you are free to ask them anything you wish.

Observations – The dentist will take an imprint of your mouth after the consultation and any necessary scans to understand the tooth structure better. 

Developing a plan – A dentist will now create a full mouth reconstruction strategy. The ultimate goal of it is to offer you a beautiful, healthy mouth that will boost your confidence and improve your dental health.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease – The next stage of full mouth reconstruction is scaling and planning. Teeth loss is a consequence of unhealthy gums. It’s not only about dental health. Your health depends on having healthy gums since they help fend against ailments like diabetes and heart disease.

Advantages Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Some dental implants Perth come with expectations that you are aware of. However, the benefits may be less apparent when you find out that you need a mix of these and other operations. The following are five outstanding advantages of full mouth reconstruction:

Improve the look of your smile: Your smile may not sparkle if you have missing or damaged teeth. The appearance of your mouth will change if they are replaced or restored.

Fixing malfunctions: Your teeth are designed to cooperate. Everyday activities like eating and speaking might become challenging if they are damaged, out of alignment, missing, or in any other way affected. Fortunately, complete mouth restoration may enable your teeth to perform their functions painlessly.

Boost your dental health: Your whole health greatly depends on your health. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are just a few of the significant conditions to which poor dental health has been linked.

Gain more self-assurance: You may not feel best with dental problems. You could mask your chuckle and grin while dealing with various difficulties in everyday life. You can get over these problems with full mouth repair to socialise confidently.

Enjoy a more efficient procedure: You can deal with one dental issue at a time. Consider that after receiving treatment for gum disease, you investigate your dental crown alternatives the next year. This method could develop into a long trip with no apparent destination. With complete mouth restoration, you will be given a thorough treatment plan and be aware of everything that will happen.

A full mouth reconstruction is a personalised treatment plan designed to assist individuals who have a variety of oral health conditions to regain their smiles. These knowledgeable and experienced dentists can assist you in choosing the procedures that will best serve your requirements, help you reach your objectives, and boost your self-confidence.

By Johnson