Recently, institutions have developed which are focusing on giving you cosmetic procedures to remove faults and improve your appearance. Unfortunately, many of them are instituted by business-minded individuals who only focus on money. However, all is not lost because doctors like Dr. Michael R. Macdonald, a plastic surgeon at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, have made your satisfaction their major focus. Phototherapy, liposuction, eyelid surgery, cheek augmentation, male plastic surgery, and skin tightening are among the marvelous procedures that he performs. Let’s take a closer look at what some of them entail.

  •         Skin tightening

Aging is natural, and your skin cannot evade the process of sagging because of age. Other times, you may experience a natural occurrence like a birth, after which your tummy skin does not retract back to its normal form. Such occurrences should not affect your confidence levels or deter you from looking your best. You can arrange for a skin tightening procedure at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, where the specialist uses state-of-the-art pulse light technology to perform the transformative procedure. The skin firming is done by heating the dermal collagen deeply using infrared energy. This process stimulates the collagen to contract and denaturize. It also promotes the development of a fresh collagen foundation through the initiation of the natural healing process of the body. Hence, your skin becomes more firm as wrinkles disappear.

  •         Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a modernized cosmetic procedure aimed at removing droopiness and excess skin in your eyelids that give you an old saggy look. This procedure is also referred to as blepharoplasty and is normally performed in two ways. The first one is upper blepharoplasty which involves eradicating droopiness and excess skin, and lower blepharoplasty, which involves eradicating fat tissue under the eyes. Both procedures are performed surgically where the specialist makes careful incisions at your eyelids. The tightening process is usually one or two hours long, after which you may experience some dryness and bruising. However, these reactions eventually disappear within three to seven days.

  •         Cheek Augmentation

As you get older, your face experiences the effects of age, resulting in loss of facial volume. Your skin starts to sag, and your cheeks begin to get hollow. However, the specialist uses his advanced training to reverse this process through cheek augmentation. He lifts and then fills your cheek area by placing implants, giving you a youthful and more volumized look. The procedure is done surgically, with precision and care being the major guide to the doctor. He starts by discussing with you the desired outcome, then shapes the implant to the desired size and shape. After the surgery, you will experience bruising just like a normal surgery, but it should last an average of seven days. Full healing should be within three to six months, although you can resume your work conservatively a week after surgery.

How you look should never be determined by forces that you cannot conquer. With a highly trained and experienced specialist, you can be guaranteed to achieve every look that you have ever dreamt of. Take charge of how you look and feel by getting more advice and direction at the Aesthetic Surgical Center today.