Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment, especially if you do not wish to wear metal braces. The Flushing Invisalign specialists can help you transform your smile discreetly and quickly without metal or bracket troubles. But you have a significant role in ensuring the success of the treatment. Cleaning your teeth and the aligners is critical to maintaining your orthodontics and enjoying a perfect smile. There are several ways you can keep your teeth and Invisalign clean to avoid complications. Have a look.

1.      Brushing the Trays

Your provider will instruct you on how to brush your orthodontics, including removing and taking back the devices. Invisalign must be cleaned outside the mouth, unlike metal braces. It would help if you used a special toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the aligner. To eliminate all food particles, you have to clean them thoroughly on both sides.

Rinsing: After brushing the aligner, you should rinse it thoroughly under running lukewarm water to eliminate toothpaste or mouthwash residual. But do not use hot water as it can melt the device or ultimately damage it. Also, remember to dry the aligner before getting it back to your mouth.

Brush Your Teeth: remember to clean your teeth when the Invisalign is out. Thoroughly brush and floss the teeth to keep off bacterial and food debris from your mouth. Keeping your mouth clean helps the Invisalign to remain clean.

Insert Your Aligners Back: ensure you reinsert the aligner back to its position as directed by your doctor once it is clean and your mouth is clean.

2.      Use a Vibrator Bath

Thanks to technology, you can also purchase a vibrator retainer bath for cleaning your orthodontics. An ultrasonic cleaning system can agitate the aligner to kill bacteria and dislodge microorganisms better than ordinary brushing. You will fill the tub with warm water to the suggested amount in the instructions and add the appropriate amount of crystals or tablets. You will then soak your inserts for about fifteen minutes and brush your teeth when waiting. Remove the aligner when the time is exhausted, rinse them, and dry them before getting them back to your mouth.

Use Homemade Soaks

You can use several combinations at home to effectively clean your Invisalign aligners. You can consider hydrogen peroxide solution to remove bacteria from your aligner. Generally, dilute hydrogen peroxide using warm water, soak your inserts for about thirty minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar solution: although hydrogen peroxide can remove bacteria, it cannot eliminate tartar on your aligners. Therefore, you can consider soaking the aligner in a mixture of equal parts of warm water and white distilled vinegar for about 15-30 minutes. Gently brush the insert after rinsing and thoroughly rinse it with warm water. If there is a vinegar smell, do not worry. It will go away soon.

Brush and floss: while you soak your aligner in the vinegar solution, brush your teeth well before putting the inserts back. Remember to do this even when you use other homemade solutions.

When traveling, it is vital to pack toothpaste, a foldable toothbrush, and tissue if you need to clean the invisalign when you are away.

Reach out to House of Braces if you consider Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment. Your provider will guide you through the treatment, including taking care of orthodontics. Make a call or book your appointment online.