How Social Media Can Impact a Personal Injury Claim | Mobile Law Blog

Social media plays a significant part in our life. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with posting details of their lifestyles on social sites, including their grievances and hardships. However, posting things about your accident can negatively affect the outcome of your case. Insurance companies can access the information shared by you on social media. They can use it against you to reduce your chances of gaining compensation. Contact a lawyer to get a free consultation regarding your case.

Updating your social media about the accident can have several consequences. They are as follows:

  • It can portray the lack of severity regarding your injuries.

If you post pictures about having fun and enjoying life after the accident, it can harm your compensation claim’s outcome. They may assume that you are not as affected as you are claiming. The insurance adjusters may use those pictures to reject your claim or reduce your compensation amount. They can question the credibility of your claim by saying that if your injuries were severe, you would be resting instead of going to concerts or trips. So be conscious of what you choose to post on social media, as every activity of yours is under constant vigilance by insurance companies. They are looking to find any evidence that can help prove that you lied about your injuries and ultimately deny you compensation.

  • Posting Specific Details of the Accident.

Avoid talking about the accident on your social sites, as you may say something harmful without intending to do so. You might say something that can be considered admitting fault or liability for the accident. You can also make statements that minimize the severity of damage caused by an accident. Insurance companies and opposing parties check your profile for substantial evidence that can be used to reject your claim. Make sure to proceed cautiously and avoid admitting that you even faced an accident. Steer clear of anything accident related on your social media to be on the safe side.

  • Adding people you are not familiar with.

Do not accept friend requests from unknown people on your social media after the accident. This is a crucial step to preserve your privacy and protect your social media profile from investigators set up by insurance companies. Make your profile private if it is public, and accept friend requests of only those you are accustomed to.

What to Do If You Have Already Posted About Your Accident?

If you have posted any pictures or other accident-related information on the internet, leave it as it is. Deleting them will be perceived as you hiding information which will set the wrong impression. Make sure to take a break from social media until your claim is processed to avoid future issues.