How Semen Exploration/Seminogram Works?

How Semen Exploration/Seminogram Works?


The primary analysis to check the semen quality of human beings is termed as Seminogram or Semen Exploration. Semen analysis or Seminogram is advisable for the couples who are getting problem to conceive even after a year or two of intercourse. Patients who visited Semen Analysis Scottsdale for Seminogram have confessed that the facilities, as well as the counseling provided there, were appreciable.

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What It Does?

The process involves the analysis of the physical features of the semen, such as color, volume, and viscosity. It also checks the other characteristics of the sperm like the sperm count, sperm morphology, sperm motility, etc.

Sample Collecting Process for Seminogram 

It is one of the significant steps involved in the Seminogram. This process requires a distinctive apparatus and a well-trained pathologist.

  • Semen is collected as a sample. This semen should be collected as a result of masturbation or any other method.
  • Semen is collected in a sterile vessel or bottle, which should be collected by a well-trained and professional pathologist.
  • Sample can be collected at home, but it is advised to provide the sample at a specialized clinic only.
  • The patients should make sure that they collected the whole ejaculate. It is helpful to perform diagnosis accurately.

The patients should take precautions during the sample collection:

Patients should ensure that entire ejaculation is collected, and a required hygiene level should be maintained.

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What Is Analyzed in Seminogram?

Parameters evaluated in the Seminogram are volume, concentration, motility, viability, and morphology.

  • Volume: the quantity of the semen collected after ejaculation.
  • Concentration: number of sperms per ml (milliliter).
  • Motility: sperm (in percentage), which is motile.
  • Viability: live sperm (in percentage).
  • Morphology: the normal appearance of sperm (in percentage).

There are reference values suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) to determine the quality of the semen. If the volume is 1.5 ml (minimum value), motility is higher than 32%, concentration is 15 million per ml, viability is above 58%, and morphology is equal/higher than 4%, then the sperm is considered healthy. In other words, if the features of the semen discussed above are fulfilled, the diagnosis is termed as normal or “normozoospermic.”

A sample may contain the values lower than the percentage described above. According to the values for different features, several conditions are specified accordingly.

If the concentration of the sample (sperm) is less than 15 million per ml, then the condition is called “oligozoospermia. “ If it is below 1 million per ml, then the condition is termed as “cryptozoospermia.”

If the volume is more than 6 ml, it’s “hyperspermia”, and if the volume is less than 1.5 ml, then it is “hypospermia.” Similarly, if the motile percentage is less than 32%, its “asthenozoospermia,” live sperm percentage is less than 58%, it is called “necrozoospermia.” The normal morphology percentage is considered as 4%, and the condition is termed as “teratozoospermia.”

It is believed that Seminogram provides a lot of information about semen health. But it is also considered that if a semen sample is diagnosed as healthy semen, fertility is not definite.

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