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Choosing a therapist for struggling teens in Utah can be hard, because they face unique issues that require specific counseling methods. Teens aren’t just younger adults; their brains function differently and they process information and emotions in a different way. So when they’re struggling, they require specialized, compassionate help. Before you select the first therapist in Utah for counseling you can find, though, there are a few things you should consider, in order to make the best, most informed choice possible to help your child.

First, consider your teen’s personality. What will they respond best to in counseling? What specific qualities might they need in a therapist, in order for the counseling to be successful? There are some fantastic counselors specializing in treating struggling teens, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your teen specifically. Your teen’s personality and circumstances will determine what kind of counselor is a good fit.

What sort of problems might your teens be struggling with specifically? When consulting with prospective Utah therapists for counseling, it’s prudent for you to ask if this therapist has experience, either personal or professional, in the specific behaviors or areas your teen is struggling with. Teens specifically benefit from counselors who have either the experience or the expertise to relate with their issues.

While looking for counseling, and interviewing prospective therapists, it’s important that struggling teens feel included in the process. They need to feel as if they have some agency, and that the adults are not just making decisions without consulting them at all. If teens’ input is not considered at all, frequently counseling is less effective against their struggles because they won’t open up and work with a therapist.

Another aspect of ensuring that struggling teens end up with effective counseling is to find out a counselor’s therapeutic approach. In the same vein as considering your child’s needs, personality, and unique situation, it’s crucial that you know how a therapist plans to address those things. Don’t be afraid to inquire about what a therapist’s approach is, and ask for elaboration if necessary.

Once you have worked with your struggling teen to establish what they want out of counseling, and which counselor would be the most beneficial fit for them, make an appointment. The therapeutic alliance takes a while to establish; struggling teens are typically not going to warm up to someone after one visit. Give your child and the counselor a chance to develop a relationship over several sessions, and then evaluate if it’s truly the right fit.

Teens don’t have to be left struggling forever. There is counseling that can help restore them to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. If your child is suffering or struggling, know that you are not alone and there is help available. In the Utah area, and searching for the right therapy? West Ridge Academy is here for you and your family. Let us help restore your family.

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