Playing contact sports increases your chances of rotator cuff injuries. Always seek an expert diagnosis from medical professionals like James Lee, Jr., MD when you suspect you have an injury to understand the best remedies. You can recover from a rotator cuff injury in multiple ways. The severity of your symptoms and the possible cause of your issue matter in determining which way to go. Although most injuries might take several weeks or months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, your effort is critical and can shorten recovery. Here is what you can do when recovering from a rotator cuff injury.

Ice Your Shoulder

Medical professionals agree that cold therapy can help relieve shoulder discomfort when you incur a rotator cuff injury. Ice can help you eliminate some intensity of pain and minimize inflammation in your joints. However, you must apply the ice wisely. Please consult your doctor about how to go about it to avoid complications. You should avoid using ice directly on your skin. Also, it is necessary only to hold the ice for about fifteen minutes and take a break of about 4-6 hours before placing it again.

Improve Your Posture

A significant link exists between your posture and rotator cuff injuries. Your posture affects your upper body and is critical in your rotator cuff injury recovery. Improper posture during recovery can inhibit healing lengthening the recovery period. Therefore, you must work with your doctor to understand the right posture you must maintain during recovery. Avoid constantly looking down at your phone or sitting hunched over your computer. Additionally, avoid staying in one position for long durations. Stretch your upper body often to release muscle tension.

Stick to Your Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will be part of your recovery from rotator cuff injuries. You must commit to the program as directed by your doctor to ensure a smooth recovery. Your physical therapist will teach you exercises to perform at home, and you must strictly follow their instructions. The best way to guarantee your return to your favorite activities is by giving your physical therapy the attention it needs.

Go Easy on Your Shoulders

Overhead reaching and heavy lifting can worsen hour rotator cuff injury. Ensure you avoid such activities and take precautions to make your recovery easier. Ask for assistance when you need to reach things high overhead to avoid compromising healing or worsening your symptoms. Also, consider using appropriate equipment at work when lifting heavy objects. Or you can ask for a helping hand from our colleagues. It is necessary to wait until you fully recover before returning to your usual activities. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to use your shoulders for such activities.

Have Supervision when Exercising

Exercises are a good way to help your rotator cuff recover. Your doctor will prescribe specific actions you must do at home to recover. However, they will not be with you at home to ensure you are doing everything right. That is why you should ensure to have someone with you during the appointment to understand the exercises you should take and monitor you at home. They can also be there for you with the exercises requiring an extra hand.

Rotator cuff injuries are common but manageable and preventable. Contact the Orange Orthopaedic Associates specialists to learn better. Request a consultation appointment via a call or use the online platform.