What Hurts? 3 Types of Back Pain

Pain is an unavoidable encounter in human life. Notably, it is a warning mechanism in which individuals respond by withdrawing from the possible stimuli. Different activities that individuals engage expose them to pain sessions through injuries. For example, an athlete in their exercises may stumble and fall, which may cause injury to their joints. Also, health complications such as arthritis can lead to joint pain, which may undermine individuals’ productivity. If you encounter pain episodes in your life, you should not worry since Naples Regenerative Institute offers an effective remedy that best suits you. Here is everything you need to know about back pain.

What is back pain?

It is a throbbing and sharp pain in the lower part of the spine. The severity of this condition depends on the causes, which include injuries and arthritis.

Myths about the back pain

The following are debunked misconceptions concerning the condition.

Exercises can cause this condition

Some people believe that regular physical exercise can develop back pain. However, the reality is that moderate exercises such as walking strengthen the back muscles, increasing the spine’s stability.

Injury is the only cause of the back pain

While the injuries can cause this condition, other medical issues can cause back pain. For instance, tumors and kidney stones can cause back pain. Therefore, individuals should seek treatment since the back pain can indicate other serious complications.

The only answer for the herniated disc is surgery

A herniated disc is one of the causes of back pain. It occurs when the weak spinal disc ruptures, causing the disc’s leakage. The condition may sound frightening, but with time, the ruptured disc may repair itself without surgical intervention.

Physically active individuals cannot develop this condition

Regular exercises are crucial for the stability and flexibility of the spine. However, this does not mean you cannot get back pain. Some other factors, such as wearing out of the spine as you grow old, can contribute to back pain.

When to see the doctor

In most cases, the back pain can improve on its own within some weeks. However, individuals should contact their health provider if their back pain:

·         Continues for more than a few weeks

·         Is worsening and does not improve after resting

·         Spreads to the lower part of the body, especially when the pain outspread below the knee

·         Causes tingling and numbness in the leg

·         Causes a sudden weight loss

Prevention of the back pain

Here are the self-care tips that can help you to avoid this condition

·         Quit smoking: smoking increases the risk of developing back pain due to reduced immunity. Therefore, stopping this habit can reduce the chances of getting spinal complications.

·         Avoid excessive weight: Being overweight can lead to excessive strain on the back muscles, which can cause back pain. The individual should therefore seek workouts to maintain a healthy weight.

·         Proper lifting of object: when lifting objects from the ground, ensure that you bend low and keep the lifted item closer to the chest to avoid unnecessary stress on the spine.

·         Proper sitting posture: Individuals whose work requires them to sit for too long should always sit comfortably and lean erect to avoid spinal strain.

Millions of people are experiencing pain episodes such as knee pain and back pain. If you are one of them, you should seek effective treatment. Naples Regenerative Institute has been established for individuals like you. Glenn Flanagan, MD, and a team of professionals are experienced in providing customized treatments for pain relief. Visit the facility today and mark the end of your suffering.