Testolone, also known as RAD-140 is a SARM treated as a great substitute for testosterone therapy. The compound offers several benefits along with prevention of muscle wasting, rise in lean muscle mass, better repair and quicker recovery, enhanced loss of fat, increased muscle strength, and performance enhancement.

Testolone was developed to fight the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. However, today it stands as its major alternative. It doesn’t lead to estrogenic effects such as fluid retention, high blood pressure, and bloating.

Testolone vs. Testosterone

A novice user may not be well aware of the amazing benefits of RAD-140. Being a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, Testolone is specific in nature. The anabolic to androgenic ratio of Testolone is 90:1. Hence, it has several positive points of anabolic-androgenic steroids but not their side effects.

Also, Testolone doesn’t aromatize into estrogen, hence doesn’t get transformed to DHT. It means the negative effects like enlarged prostate and hair loss do not occur. RAD-140 can interact with androgen receptors in the muscle tissue and bones. Though it has a good anabolic impact, it doesn’t suppress your hormones. The drug enjoys the amazing capability to boost muscle weight even at a low dosage.

Testolone is completely anabolic on your body and shows minimal potency on the seminal vesicles. It alienates the spur of seminal vesicles prompted by Testosterone.

While long-term testosterone usage can use side effects, RAD-140 offers the same impact as Testosterone but prevents side effects like neurodegenerative diseases.

Benefits of RAD-140

  • Enhanced muscle mass

A lot of health conditions such as cancer, AIDS can lead to issues like weight loss, muscle loss, or fat loss. It may cause weakness, muscle wasting, and fatigue, making recovery tougher. However, RAD-140 is an ideal treatment to reverse the situation. It helps in bone and muscle cell division.

It copies the fruitful advantages of testosterone and helps to build the body and develop power. It boosts endurance, muscle mass, and stamina along with rigorous exercising.

  • Effective treatment of breast cancer

Testolone has shown promising results for breast cancer treatment. It reduces the growth of cancerous cells by restricting estrogen’s impact on tissues.

  • Treatment for neurodegenerative diseases

Testolone has the power to secure brain nerves against injury. Androgens can lower the accumulation of the amyloid-beta protein, thereby enhancing the growth of brain cells that is essential for memory.

Dosage and cycle

RAD-140 should be used in dosage between 20 to 30 mg daily. It should be consumed orally in an 8 to 12 weeks cycle.

A PCT is suggested after using RAD-140 to allow the hormones to reach their normal levels.

Where to buy Testolone Canada?

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