A commonly misunderstood health practice is the mental health sector. The lack of physical symptoms and solutions combined with diagnosis challenges have made it a tricky subject to deal with. However, with continued research, more about mental health issues is being uncovered while introducing newer medical positions in specialized facilities for these conditions. Dr. Lucas Egebe Houston is an example of a mental health nurse whose role has revolutionized mental healthcare. More about what a mental health nurse does is discussed further below.

Who is a Mental Health Nurse?

Mental health nurses have the necessary special training to deal with the physical and psychological well-being of those with behavioral issues or mental health problems. Their work is to support or improve the lives of their patients or the family and people close to them. They can work with groups, individuals, communities, and families.

They may also formulate a nursing care plan after assessing the mental health requirements of the patient. They then go through with that plan while monitoring its effectiveness in the long run.

Roles of a Mental Health Nurse

A patient’s requirements, the healthcare setting, and the nurses’ training determine their roles. Some of their functions include:

·         Helping people to improve or regain coping abilities

·         Assessing dysfunction while evaluating progress through observation

·         Promoting environments and factors that assist in preventing further disability

·         Giving out psychotropic drugs while assisting in managing and monitoring their side effects

·         Helping with self-care activities

·         Promoting general health

·         Providing education on health, such as psychoeducation

·         Providing and monitoring treatment plans

·         Giving basic counseling like interpersonal support or general guidance

·         Help in crisis management or intervention

·         Involving themselves in recreation activities for patients

·         Performing the role of case manager, assisting in the coordination of supportive care with other medical professionals

·         Assist in educating families and other support members concerning mental health problems and lifestyle factors that can decline or improve your condition

·         Doing family or group therapy sessions

Mental health nurses can work in multiple healthcare-providing environments just like other medical professionals. Some of the settings you can find them in include:

·         Doctor’s offices

·         Outpatient and inpatient psychiatric and general hospitals

·         Long-term care facilities

·         Assisted living centers

·         Private homes

·         Rehabilitation centers

·         Community mental health centers

·         Correctional facilities

·         Private clinics

·         Local, state, and federal psychiatric agencies

·         Behavioral care companies

·         Colleges and schools of nursing

·         Military hospitals or clinics

These nurses can help a majority of the population. The population sectors they can work with are such as:

·         Adolescents

·         Children

·         Older people

·         Adults

·         People with eating disorders

·         People with substance use disorders

Mental health nurses are not qualified to treat a particular condition. They, however, work with other medical professionals like psychotherapists, social workers, and psychiatrists to form and provide care plans.

These plans for care developed by healthcare professionals assist patients with behavioral or mental health issues by enhancing their functioning and well-being. Thus, they are involved in the care of most patients with issues requiring maintenance care and monitoring.

Your mental health is vital in determining how you conduct your daily activities. Any mental issues can make you unable to carry on normal activities as all your body functionings originate from the brain. For any mental health nurse inquiries, check out our website, or call our offices in Houston, TX.