It had been precisely three years since I last played badminton. I couldn’t play as often as before since loads of schoolwork and other academic requirements piled far too high. If I had allowed myself to play during the busiest years of my life, then I might not have been able to finish my thesis at all. Thankfully, my parents gave me the opportunity to rest before jumping right into work. I saw this as my chance to pick up my trusty racket again after leaving it in my closet for years. Before I headed to the court, my mother asked if my joints could still play the sport after not doing so for a long time. She was a little worried since a friend of hers talked about experiencing knee pain while playing in Singapore. I reassured her that my body was perfectly fine, then proceeded out the door.

The Downfall

Life tends to surprise you when you least expect it and it’s honestly annoying when it does. I thought my body was fine since nothing particularly ached or felt weak. I played with my old friend for a couple of rounds, and it felt liberating whenever I managed to hit the shuttlecock. My attacks were strong, making me assume that my arms were in perfect shape despite not using them for sports for a long while. However, it eventually got to the point where I suddenly felt a pain on the outside of my elbow. When I moved it, it felt like something was tearing apart from the inside, which caused me to involuntarily stop the game to try to lessen how much it hurt. Even when I said it was just a cramp, my friend immediately told me to see an osteo in Singapore.

The Visit

It didn’t take long for us to arrive at the hospital since it was nearby. My mother was already informed, so she got there ahead of us. Fear plagued her features, and I couldn’t help but feel guilt. I told her I was fine, but I guess I thought wrong. I was then brought to an osteotherapist, where I was examined in order to find out what the problem was. Eventually, the doctor told us that it was something known as ‘tennis elbow’. I developed it because I played a racket sport after three years of not doing so. Luckily, tennis elbow treatment in Singapore was mainly physical therapy and didn’t include surgical procedures. It was a relief to hear, and I was willing to go through with it if it meant strengthening my joints again.

The Prescription 

I was told not to perform tasks that involved too much pressure on my elbows. This advice included badminton. Although it saddened me to hear it, a doctor who could do plantar fasciitis treatment in Singapore probably knows more about healing this condition than I do. He also added that if I still wanted to play in the future, some of the osteotherapists in the clinic could give me tips on how to change my swinging tactics. Not only did I see this as a chance to play my favourite sport again, but also as a chance to happily ramble about it with someone who gets it.Are you interested in finding an osteo in Singapore for your injury? Visit Orchard Health Clinic today!