Since the very first creation of alcoholic drinks, these have been part of any special celebrations and gatherings.  Different kinds of drinks have been concocted that made social life happier and livelier. In the United Kingdom, about 57% of citizens are drinking alcohol. One can say that drinking has been a culture, especially when there are big celebrations or parties. It is because alcohol is believed to provide a blend of sweet, bitter, and other kinds of flavors.

In today’s generation, drinking has been unavoidable and becoming more practiced, not just in parties or celebrations, but also even during a simple meal or talk. Some people also consume alcohol as a sleeping drink, which makes them fall asleep quickly. They see alcohol like water, which is safe to drink while some see it as a harmful lubricant.  When alcohol is used correctly, it will not generate any alcohol-related problems. However, in this recent generation where people are getting tempted easily, social drinking is a problem, and people have to be referred to alcohol rehab to help themselves to recover.

What is Social Drinking?

Social drinking refers to the practice of drinking alcoholic beverages. It is practiced by a social drinker who loves to drink alcohol and other beverages. Social drinking has a limit, so as a social drinker. Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause problems that can negatively affect the life of a social drinker.

Here are some of the adverse effects of social drinking.

  1. Unhealthy Liver

The target and most affected body organ of drinking alcohol is the liver. Drinking alcohol can lead to an unhealthy liver. The liver might breakdown the alcohol content away from the blood, but an excessive amount of alcohol can’t be accommodated. It can slow the metabolism process and lead to a fatty liver. Also, other illnesses can be hooked by a fatty liver.

  1. Vision Impairment

Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to vision impairment. This can be a cause of vehicular accidents which quickly take the life of many people. Vision impairment can also be a cause of other problems and negatively impacts the life of a social drinker.

  1. Mood Swings

Having a high alcohol content in the body can also lead to mood swings. With alcohol, drinkers are not in their proper thinking causes recalling of sad life moments, failures, and other negativities, which results in mood swings.

  1. Heart Disorders

The heart is a vulnerable organ, especially when it comes to alcohol. A considerable amount of alcohol intake can be the cause of heart failure and disorders. The triglyceride-a kind of fat in the blood can increase, which will eventually lead to so many heart diseases such as stroke, breathing problems, and cardiac arrest. It can also increase the risk of having diabetes and high blood pressure.

  1. Slurred Speech

Excessive intake of alcohol can also lead to slurred speech. Alcohol can easily affect the thinking capacity of the brain, leaving it in an unconscious-like state. With this, speaking can be a hard one for a person under the influence of alcohol . It can also make the drunk person speak any language or words that came out of nowhere. It can make the person speak non-stop without any reason to do that so.

These are only some of the adverse effects that social drinking can give in a social drinker. If you want to extend your lifespan, better reduce or quit your alcohol desires. Save your life, save your future!