Women frequently prioritize the wants of others over their own. Whereas this remarkable quality could be a blessing, it could sometimes be a curse! Despite the well-known benefits of self-care, an OBGYN appointment is the best way to preserve your health and assure the dependability and effectiveness of your body. Nonetheless, most women doubt if these annual visits to their OBGYN are beneficial. To address these concerns, OBGYN expert Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto MD discusses the reasons to keep up your gynecologic visit in this post. Continue reading to learn more.

Prevent Health Hazards

OB/GYN services could provide remedies, including immunizations or merely basic information to restrict your exposure to sexually transmitted infections. Gynecologists are educated to assist women in identifying risk factors and potential health issues, and they can prescribe preventative medications. Throughout your yearly gynecologist visit, your doctor will examine you for osteoporosis, STIs, bladder illness, breast cancer, and other conditions. In addition, you will get a pelvic exam in which your ovaries, bladder, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes will be evaluated to discover possible concerns.

Find the Correct Method of Contraception

With the assistance of your gynecologist, you may determine the most appropriate method of contraception for your lifestyle. The pill is the most common form of contraception, but it demands adherence to a strict schedule and could produce negative effects. All adverse effects of contraception rely on your individual hormone levels, and your gynecologist may assist you in locating a contraceptive that complements your body chemistry. Your gynecologist could also provide you with more contraceptive options and serve as an expert adviser to aid you in selecting the ideal solution for you.

Preconception Planning

Your gynecologist is well-versed in all facets of the female reproductive system and may give you lots of helpful information and services to enhance your reproductive health. If you intend to get a baby, your gynecologist could provide some personal advice. Based on the phase of life one is in, reproductive health consists of several tiers. Your OBGYN may help you make informed choices regarding fertility, birth problems, and family planning.

Handle Your Specific Requirements

Your gynecologist may recognize and manage your unique healthcare needs as they evolve with age. Specific aspects should be tailored to the unique demands of the woman as per their life stage, including:

§  Hormonal fluctuations

§  Fertility

§  Menstrual difficulties

§  Preventative screening

§  Mood disorders

§  Infections

§  Alcohol and drug misuse

As women’s health specialists, gynecologists can assist with all of the above and more. What’s more, your OBGYN can recommend you to the appropriate professional for any care or therapy they cannot provide themselves.

Ultimately, you must plan annual checkups with your OBGYN to preserve your health in all its facets. If you have any symptoms or worries, you must make an appointment earlier as it could help you preserve optimal health and meet your age-specific requirements. Besides, you could raise questions and explore different concerns in a less-judged, more intimate setting. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, aging, urinary incontinence, menopause, or other OBGYN-related concerns, Dr. Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto can help. Arrange a meeting today through mobile or use the online scheduling tool.